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This is exactly the reason I don’t play most games online.

Yes, I’ll admit that I cuss. A LOT. You know that if you’ve talked to me in person, but I also don’t get on there calling people faggots, niggers and “niggots” and whatnot when I kill them (or, more often than not when they kill me). Seriously people. It’s 2009 … almost 2010 and people STILL use those words? Xbox Live is the WORST place on the face of the Earth to play online because of this. I can’t even get into a game of Uno without hearing someone bitch about this, that and the other thing that other players are doing to them. That are part of the game. And who the hell thought of the corpse humping thing in Halo? Robin Williams apparently has this problem too, he’s just much more patient to the 10 to 13 year old crowd than I am.

Here's another one. Definitely not safe for work.


Another video for the NES style Left 4 Dead de-make

This little game is looking to be REALLY cool stuff. In the last video we just saw zombies and Boomers. This one has all that, with a ramped up difficulty and Witches, Smokers and Hunters. Seeing them do their thing in 8 bit is awesome. And how cool would it be if you could play this online (I have a feeling that’s wishful thinking if they’re sticking with what the NES actually could do). In a little over a month, this will be up for free download, and I’m definitely checking this out. Would be able to get my Left 4 Dead on with my little netbook, because this is looking like it’s going to be awesome.

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Upcoming XBLIG game – Pilot Test

I’m not even going to pretend to know what the hell is going on here. But is that it? A red square that avoids green square-related shapes? Really?

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Geek Gamer Radio Episode 5 – The Itronix Weezer

Joe was in the studio this time, and they get to talking about what they got on Black Friday, along with some experiences with Best Buy … how 80% of women who play games have a Wii, Infinity Ward’s stupidity and lots of other shtuff. Check it out on iTunes here, or click the picture above to go to the site. kthx


Gameloft’s GT Racing for the iPhone/iPod Touch cinematic trailer

Now of course, this is just a cinematic but from what I understand their Asphault games are some of the better racing games for the platform, so I’m kind of interested to see how this game turns out.

The first racing simulation of Gameloft is on its way to the App Store with the greatest licensed content ever gathered for an iPhone/iPod Touch racing game.

From what I understand, there will be over 100 licensed cars in this sucker.

Obviously judging from this post, I got me an iPod Touch. So I’ll start doing news and reviews on those eventually. And Gameloft happens to be where I got a bunch of games from because a lot of them were on sale recently for dirt cheap. And I’ve gotta say, despite a few hitches here and there they make some pretty damned good games.

But yeah, if you make iPod Touch games, go ahead and get ahold of me if you want me to review them. And I’ll also be putting my reviews up on the App Store, so I’ll have to change my review scores to go with that. So with the iPod games I’ll be doing a star based rating system rather than my normal 1 to 10.


Back from the dead with something stupid.


Now, I'm not a football guy. I don't watch it, I don't play it, I could care less. But it's moments like this where I wish I WAS the type to watch it. The impressive part is the fact that he caught it on it's way down.


A little Zoe Saldana to kick off Thanksgiving

I honestly haven’t seen Star Trek yet (dawha?) and I have the DVD upstairs. I’m just holding off till I can watch it in peace with the surround sound going. Anyway, this chick plays Uhura in the movie. And is one more good reason to watch it. These shots are from Details magazine. They still make magazines? Wow. Who knew.

gallery_enlarged-1124_zoe_saldana_details_00 gallery_enlarged-1124_zoe_saldana_details_01 gallery_enlarged-1124_zoe_saldana_details_02 gallery_enlarged-1124_zoe_saldana_details_03

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Negative Gamer’s How to Make a Good Video Game Blog video series

Thought about making a video game blog? Well, Wardrox over at Negative Gamer has put together some videos detailing how you can do that. And you can really apply his tips to ANY kind of site that is based on a specific subject. And if by some strange chance you haven’t heard of the site, don’t judge the videos by the name of the site because it’s not anywhere near as insulting as you’d think it is and he’s actually very helpful.

And it’s actually making me really regret picking Godaddy for my hosting. ;) Regardless of any of that, go and check it out right here. Right now he’s on his third video, and they’re only about 10 minutes apiece.

Makes me wonder what's coming up in the future videos to be honest, because I'm paying attention. Wasted Seconds isn't specifically a video game site, it's more of a general interest deal. Just I'm the one who does the majority of the writing, and my interests happen to be video games.


XBLIG Review – Aardvark


Yeah yeah yeah, another Breakout/Arkanoid style game. There are a few spread out in the indie games section, but the only one that really succeeds on most fronts is Bricks4Ever. It’s going to take a hell of a lot to top that.

But where the other ones fail horribly (most notably ArkX which has the single worst level design I’ve yet seen in a game of this type) this one almost hits it. Despite a few nagging annoyances and issues, this is a pretty good bat and ball game.

A couple of things that kind of stood out for me are, well, the name of the game. Aardvark? What the hell? And the developer goes by the name of “idiot”. It’s that kind of stuff that will draw me to a game immediately for some reason.

Probably because I’m a cynical ass who would probably do the exact same thing. But we’re not talking about me here, or the developer or the screwball naming of the game. We’re here to talk about the game itself.


XBLIG Review - Platypus

xboxboxart A shooter coming on in the Indie Games that ISN’T a dual stick shooter? How could that be? Did hell freeze over? Platypus is a strange beast for me, because #1) It’s a game that I have played several times before and #2) It’s a horizontal shmup. I have always disliked horizontal shmups. Gradius, R-Type, I don’t care. Horizontal shmups just don’t feel right to me for some reason. This game is a strange exception to the rule, because other than the graphical style it doesn’t do anything to change anything about horizontal shmups. It’s just got an unmistakable charm that keeps me coming back for more.

And now it’s on the Xbox 360 where I can play it on my large-ish 36” TV (albeit it’s only 480p) with my SF4 Fight Stick. And it’s bliss. But let’s get to talking about the actual game shall we?