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Episode 10 of the Wasted Seconds podcast is up. Finally.

There wasn’t really a whole hell of a lot talked about. Just me, IndieSeoul and Retrokaiser shooting the shit. But hey, it’s been almost right at a year. One of these days we’ll get it down. Regardless of all that, if you wanna take a listen it’ll be up on iTunes eventually … or you can just head over to the official page for it right here and listen to it there.


A new episode of The Wasted Seconds podcast is up.

Episode 7 - “Fran Fine was fine” … where I’m joined by Critical Failure of Tiger Claw Radio and TV, Triverse from Scenic 7 PR and Out of Print Archive and at the very end, Retrokaiser, which we’ll get more into on the next episode that’ll probably be up in the next week or two. This one is a little less about gaming because it was literally a spur of the moment recording after a catastrophic failure with my normal co-host Ian. And this is also the episode where I’m going to change the format of the show away from it being mainly gaming focused. I think I’m going to embrace the randomness, especially since the majority of modern games annoy the shit out of me.

But regardless, click right here to skip over to the podcast site where you can listen to it. If you want to subscribe on iTunes, click here and don’t forget to rate the show because none of you fuckers have done that yet. I may not have iTunes installed on my machine, but I can still tell. ;)

And if you’ve got any questions for any of us, you can shoot an email over to [email protected] whether it be an email or a voice message or whatever. Just try to keep the voice recordings 5 minutes or less. If it’s good, I’ll definitely use it on the show.

One of these days I’ll migrate the podcast itself over to THIS main site, but I’m entirely too lazy to go through the hassle right now.

Enjoy! And bear in mind, this show is HIGHLY explicit, don’t go whining and bitching at me if your kids find it, or if I offend anyone.

And for those of you who know what this is ... there's some candid "Phoenix" talk ...


Hey guys, we’re on Facebook too.

You know what to do. Hopefully. :) You can get the up to the minute updates there, get ahold of us for feedback on either the site or the podcast, etc etc. I promise, we don't bite. Unless you happen to be asian, around 5 feet tall, around 100 to 110lbs and at least 24 years of age. ... Okay ... that's just me. but still. If not you can also find us on Twitter. And, as always, we also have a podcast over at a separate site that you can find right here.


Episode 2 of the Wasted Seconds podcast is up.

I figure I’ll put a post regarding it up on here every other show (because they don’t always fall into episodes). And I may eventually permanently migrate it over here. I don’t really know yet, because the podcast is it’s own beast. I will say this, beware : the people who have talked to me either in person or at least in chat (or if you follow my Twitter at all) know that I’m an extremely raunchy person. Therefore, the podcast is definitely explicit. So be mindful of where you listen to it. But you can check out episode 2 “You ignored me for THAT?” as well as the other two episodes and a Red Dead Redemption spoilercast for those of you who have either beaten the game or are comfortable with spoilers at the Wasted Seconds Podcast site. Right now it’s me, Josh Campos and Justin Smith … and hopefully one of these days we’ll get an episode going where EVERYONE is on at the same time.

And for those brave souls who want to be on it as well, just get ahold of me. I’m sure we can work something out. Unfortunately, there is no SET recording time, so no promises there. :)


Did you know there’s also a podcast?


I do most of the stuff regarding telling people about stories and whatnot for the site through twitter. And more recently a Facebook page (just search for Wasted Seconds on Facebook) so for those of you who are either new or don’t follow that stuff now there is a podcast for the site which covers … well … games. Just me a couple of friends with possibly the occasional brave guest host or something and we just sit and talk about games. We just got done releasing the PROPER episode 1 named “We finally did it” where we talk about Split/Second, Modnation Racers, Red Dead Redemption (of which there will be a separate Spoilercast coming up in a couple of days purely for that game), video game tits, a little history of gaming according to yours truly and a lot more crammed into almost 2 hours worth of show.

There are also episodes 0 and 0.5 … episode 0 is just an introduction episode where everyong kinda says “Hi!!!” for an hour and a half. And episode 0.5 is all about what Josh found interesting about E3 since I don’t follow it … with the exception of Killzone 3. :D

You can find it right here at http://podcast.wastedseconds.com. And we’re also on iTunes, and you can subscribe right here. We’ve technically got three episodes in the bag, though we’re only on episode 1. Go and check it out and rate, comment, all that good stuff.

But yeah, it’s just me, Josh (Rapture) and Justin (xxmilkman69xx) shooting the shit about video games and other stuff that happens to catch out interest. Pretty much like the site. Except I’m a bit more free to talk about the women than they are because they’re both spoken for and I’m not. Technically.

Anyway, listen away. You can email the show at [email protected] or leave a voicemail number at (618) 984-5244. And, while this site doesn’t have any forums I’ve decided to kinda adpot the forums over at http://www.GameGavel.com, home of … well … Game Gavel which is an alternative to eBay for buying and selling video game stuff and the awesome Retrogaming Roundup podcast. The monthly 5 and a half hour opera of retro/classic gaming goodness that even modern gamers should listen to.


An introduction…

"Boredom's not a burden anyone should bare.."

That is one of my favorite quotes in music, and I wholeheartedly agree with the statement. The administrator of this site has granted me the pleasure of adding my two cents of whatever comes to mind, right here on this site. My purpose here is to cure myself of the occasional case of boredom, and hopefully do the same for you in the process.

I am a 26 year old father of two young daughters, and an avid gamer when the time allows. I work also, but it is nothing interesting enough to speak about. I am a big fan of FPS games, but I enjoy games that spam MOST genres, minus RTS, simply because I do not have the patience.

What I post on this site will vary. Could be an opinionated article on current events, or something simple such as what I thought about a game demo.  Who knows. Whatever I post though, I hope you will all enjoy my writings as much as I will enjoy composing and sharing them.


Finally got a problem solved.

My Xbox 360 has been flaking out. Hard core. And it's strange in the way it's decided to do it. Console functions that aren't game related work just fine. Twitter, Facebook, Live.fm, videos, Netflix, they all work just fine.

But when it comes to games ... it's another story. Some games just froze at random such as Zombie Apocalypse. Others I could predict when it would happen strangely enough like in Call of Duty 4 when I missed with the sniper rifle I could count on the system freezing up. Along with at random.

And sometimes it would outright REFUSE to run the Xbox Live Indie Games ... which is kind of a big deal since those are the majority of what I review. But the final draw came yesterday when Left 4 Dead 2 froze up RIGHT AS I WAS GETTING INTO THE HELICOPTER trying to save that goddamn gnome.

Enough was enough and I went out and got me an Xbox 360 Elite. I was going to get the Modern Warfare 2 edition of it with the 250GB hard drive ... but Infuckery Ward isn't getting my money for that game. So I settled upon the Elite and I'll eventually get the bigger hard drive off of eBay or something.

So now that I have a system that actually reliably WORKS I can get to my backlog of games I need to review. It'll be slow going because I'm the only person who writes for this site, but dammit I'm going to get them.

If people even care about what I think because I have a reputation for being pretty brutal in my reviews. :)

There's my little update.


XBLIG reviews may come slowly, if at all.


My system is deciding to be uncooperative. And the problem is strangely isolated to indie games. On some indie games, when I run them I get an error that says “Can’t access your storage device. Your console will now restart.” And after it restarts it spends a minute or two downloading that damned 128MB update. It’s done it to me a few times now, the most annoying with Little Racers earlier when I tried to run it to hop on that XBLIG Session. It’s not isolated to just THAT game … but it is isolated to the indie games for some reason. I know it’s not the games themselves because the problem is coming up with games I’ve played several times before. And the only other game I have any problems with is Zombie Apocalypse. I don’t get it, but I do know that I’m not going to have the money to have the damn thing replaced for a while. I just hope it decides to cooperate next week because that’s when the Sol Survivor XBLIG session is going on. :)

But I do hope to get this thing replaced as soon as possible. It’s quite irritating.

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Updated the “Contact” page a little bit.

I just did a little update to do it  saying how I tend to do things and begging for help. :) You can just hit the jump if you wanna read what I put there since I didn't wanna make a little tiny post on the front page. I thought it was important, so I'm letting everyone know it's updated. :)


Small update to my review of Bop N’ Pop

It's just a small update regarding my gripes about the music. You can see the full review right here.