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Free MP3s from Amazon

Amazon is giving everyone a $3 credit good towards MP3s from their download service.

To get your free music just head over here and use the code MP34FREE.

Keep in mind you this is for a limited time only. You must redeem the code by November 30, 2009 11:59 PM PST.

In case you missed it there first time here is the link.

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Platypus hits the Xbox Live Indie Games

Escapist Games Limited today announced that Platypus, their “definitive version of the much-loved PC game” has just been launched on the Xbox 360 Indie games platform.


Geek Gamer Radio Episode 004 – There’s a geek for that!


Click the picture to head over to the site to take a listen, or just search for it on iTunes. And bear in mind that they do the show live on Sunday nights at 9PM PST (11PM central) and in the future you may or may not hear me -your favorite blogger- on there from time to time. I may just end up sitting there nodding my head though because that’s something I’m good at.


Claire Danes didn’t count on flash bulbs

 Claire Danes has a new movie out called Me and Orson Welles and these pictures definitely perked my interest a little more in seeing the movie. If only it wasn't rated PG-13. Regardless of any of that, bear in mind that the pictures are somewhat not safe for work unless your boss hates women or something. *Ahem* Anyway, on a side note, any movie that's based around Orson Welles is automatically high up in movies I want to see. War of the Worlds was terrific. And no, I'm not talking about the movies (and definitely not that movie Tom Cruise was in) ... I'm talking the old radio broadcast that scared the hell out of so many people. I probably should dig that out and put it up on the site sometime because more people definitely must hear that, but I really don't feel like it right now.


Geek Gamer Radio Episode 3 – Take Two


After a bit of a computer problem Sunday night, here’s episode three. You can either get it by clicking the image above, or just by searching for it on iTunes. Being that I was still asleep for most of the show due to being sick, I’m going to be listening to it in the car tonight. :)

Yeah, unfortunately, unless I’m near death I still have to work. It’s always fun.


A cheap Steam package you owe it to yourself to get.


Yeah, that’s right. These games are actually pretty damn good. And will run on just about anything. They all pretty much run off of the same engine, just getting a bit more advanced with each new release. They all have some RPG elements as well where you upgrade your stats and all that stuff. I’m going to eventually do a full review of at LEAST one of them because for the price, they’re pretty damn good. It costs 14.99 for the complete package, or they run 4.99 apiece.

And Zombie Shooter 2 just came out recently on Steam, and it’s 10 bucks. Give the demo a try, you may be surprised. They all play a little bit like games such as Left 4 Dead or Gauntlet. In the Zombie Shooter games, near as I can tell it’s mostly the slower moving zombies with a few faster ones thrown into the mix. But yeah, I got the complete thing a while back and I don’t regret it at all.


XBLIG Trial Impression - Aardvark

Now this game definitely surprised me. I downloaded the trial because, well, I’ll download the TRIAL for ANY Breakout style game. I love them. And I also know when one is done well and when one is complete and utter shit because I’ve been playing them for almost as long as I can remember. These types of games have a rather sordid history on the Indie Games section. Bricks4Ever is the single best Breakout style game on the 360. Period. There’s very little that can change that. It’s the right price, the gameplay is excellent, the graphics are excellent. Sure … there are a few bugs here and there, but overall the quality of the game oversrhadows those bugs by a very large margin.

There is one other game that comes CLOSE, but no cigar because of the annoying gameplay. And that one is Bust a Wall. GREAT engine, shitty game.


Mass : We Pray the video game

You have gotta be kidding me. Is this for real? Never mind what you believe (or in my case, don’t believe) … this is just insane. Who the hell would buy this thing. And it’s probably going to be insultingly overpriced. Kinda like charging 400 points for the Bible on Xbox Live. That’s another thing I don’t get. Charging for that? Why the hell would anyone buy that when they can just get out their real Bible and just read their fairy tales THAT way instead of on their TV screen. And aren’t there free programs for the PC that do pretty much the same thing? Maybe even better?

Regardless of that non-sense, if you really want this thing, pre-orders for it start November 20th here, and the thing will be available Easter of 2010. But I honestly don’t see why you would want to spend money on this, even if you do put on your Sunday best for church or whatever. It’s just a waste of time and money.

And is it just me, or is the family in that video frightening as hell.


A really cool looking Left 4 Dead de-make

I got Left 4 Dead 2 yesterday, and I’m slowly but surely making my way through the campaigns. I took a little break, headed over to Destructoid and saw this video.

Now, yeah, the zombie reaction times are a bit slow, and obviously there aren’t hundreds of them coming after you all at once, but this is supposed to be the game as it would be seen on the NES. And that’s the reason I want it.

And apparently it IS in fact a free game that is supposed to  come out early January by PixelForce. It’s supposed to have all four campaigns and all of the special infected. And judging from the care they took with the Boomer in the video, I can’t wait to see what they do with the others. Especially the Tank and the Witch.

So long as the zombies have a quicker reaction time I’ll be happy. And wouldn’t it be wicked to see this with online play? Yeah yeah, you only see up to two players on the title screen above … but most NES games can only either be played by one or two players since the four player adapter wasn’t utilized enough. In fact, the only four player game I can even think of off the top of my head is NES Play Action Football.

But yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to this. It looks like it could be a great amount of fun for the short time it’d last. Because, honestly, do you really see yourself playing this over and over and over like you do the Xbox 360/PC game? Probably not.

On a side note about Left 4 Dead 2, it’s better than the original in just about every conceivable way. Hell, the first CAMPAIGN is better than anything the entire first game had to offer.

But I’m still playing the hell out of the first one because there are literally hundreds of free campaigns you can download off the net. So the PC version of that game is going to last me a long, LONG time.


A gameplay video of Echoes+

Here’s a little video of me playing Echoes+ from the Xbox Live Indie Games section, even though I didn’t do worth a shit because I hadn’t slept right in about a week when I played it. It’s just playing on the default “echoes” mode on easy until I died. Still rocks though. :)

I had to put it on Dailymotion because it was a little too long for Youtube. So nyah.