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A man’s dog uses the Xbox 360 to buy 5,000 MS Points.

Now, I’ll be honest here. I’ve screwed up and bought GAMES that I didn’t mean to buy. Both on the 360 itself and in the marketplace on the website. But this is a DOG. Who managed to turn the system on and buy 5,000 MS Points. That’s $62.50 folks. Me personally, I would’ve killed the damn dog.

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I have a newfound respect for Jimmy Kimmel

I’ve been waiting for someone to do something like this to her. And of all people to slam her it’s Jimmy Kimmel. Well done, sir. Well done. What’s best is his attempt at saving the situation.


The Ghostbusters have apparently hired a soccer mom.


This was submitted to the People of Wal-Mart site (obviously considering the watermark check out the original post here). That’s actually a pretty damned cool minivan. It’s the first time I’ve ever actually willingly wanted to own one. Add some more sirens and other shit to it to make it over the top like the original Ecto-1 and it’ll be that much better. I would have never thought to do something like this … maybe that’s a good thing. :)

Maybe I should trick out my silver 1999 Chevrolet Metro Ghostbusters style sometime just to get the weird looks.


Dungeon Adventure Trailer – Coming soon to the Xbox Live Indie Games

Hell yeah.

I’ve been waiting for one of these to hit the Indie Games section. Yeah, I know there are free ones all over the place, and yes there is a very good chance of those free ones being a hell of a lot better than Dungeon Adventure. But those free ones aren’t on my 360 and I love this genre of game. It says “available now” but it isn’t near as I can tell (dammit) but regardless. Hit up the UberGeekGames site for more information.


Wicked Quake Live frag video

I wish I was anywhere near this good.

Quake Live … not QUITE as good as it’s originator Quake 3 Arena (I miss slamming someone with a Rocket Launcher and seeing them explode in a cloud of blood.) but it’s free. So who am I to complain. Except that my favorite arena doesn’t run worth a damn on my netbook in Quake Live. Luckily it runs beautifully in the old reliable Quake 3 Arena. :) But yeah, check this video out.


XBLIG Trial Impression - Beat Hazard


*UPDATE* - The developer has released an update to the game, and the description now says "Now has extended trial mode." I would have tried it out again, but I'm out the door for work in literally about 2 minutes and don't have time. I just thought I would make a point to add this, because the way the trial was handled originally was my biggest problem for the people who see this after the fact. I'm definitely going to give it a go when I get home though to give it a fair shot. So bear that in mind when you read this.

Okay, this is a weird trial for me. Because the game itself is very good, but the trial is so limiting it doesn’t make me want to shell out the 400 points for the full version.


XBLIG Trial Impression – Link Attack


Since this is a trial impression and not an actual review, I don’t see it as important as an actual full out review. So I’m just going to talk about the default mode of the game called Stage Attack. There are multiple modes you can play however called Line Attack, Bomb Attack, Dice Attack and Endless. All the modes but Endless are accessible in the trial for the first two levels out of six so you can go and grab the free trial to check those out. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll play the default mode first.


Chris Unarmed, an upcoming XBLIG platformer

What? You can’t go in and randomly cut people’s heads off? Maybe there’s a bazooka powerup. ;) The trailer doesn’t have any sound, but there definitely seems to be some weird stuff going on in there. Give it a watch.

Chris Unarmed, planned for release on the Xbox Live Indie Games platform in late 2009, is a challenging 2D platformer game. You must guide Chris through 4 lands filled with harsh terrain, strong winds, conveyor belts, collectible items and an assortment of monsters, with only your impressive agility to see you through.


XBLIG Review – Epiphany in Spaaace!


This is an “interactive novel” despite the fact that it’s not anywhere near long enough to even be considered a bathroom read. But regardless of that, it’s fairly well written (even though I could have used more details about various things that were going on) and well done for what it is. Remember those old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? That’s basically what this is. You are given choices from time to time and what you choose effects your outcome. There are various endings in the game, some good, some bad. And when you come across an ending regardless as to what it is you can easily go back in the game to redo a certain situation just to see what would happen.

It generally reads like a really cheesy Star Trek episode. Not the
Next Generation, Voyager or Deep Space Nine. I mean the original series. There aren’t really any graphics to speak of except for a few different backgrounds. The text is large and easy to read on my 480p television which is a plus. The controls are … well … see the screenshot.


XBLIG reviews may come slowly, if at all.


My system is deciding to be uncooperative. And the problem is strangely isolated to indie games. On some indie games, when I run them I get an error that says “Can’t access your storage device. Your console will now restart.” And after it restarts it spends a minute or two downloading that damned 128MB update. It’s done it to me a few times now, the most annoying with Little Racers earlier when I tried to run it to hop on that XBLIG Session. It’s not isolated to just THAT game … but it is isolated to the indie games for some reason. I know it’s not the games themselves because the problem is coming up with games I’ve played several times before. And the only other game I have any problems with is Zombie Apocalypse. I don’t get it, but I do know that I’m not going to have the money to have the damn thing replaced for a while. I just hope it decides to cooperate next week because that’s when the Sol Survivor XBLIG session is going on. :)

But I do hope to get this thing replaced as soon as possible. It’s quite irritating.

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