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Beautiful Women

These are the "starlets" that I find to be exceptionally beautiful. Bear in mind, clicking ANY of these links ... you should be mindful of your surroundings because more than likely it's not going to be safe for work. Just use common sense. And if you see a blank spot where a thumbnail SHOULD be, chances are the actual picture is still there, sometimes they're too high of a resolution for this plugin to handle. Sometimes it doesn't add them for whatever reason and I'm too lazy to do anything about it. And most of the time, the thumbnails are gonna be pretty crappy because do you REALLY think I wanna go through each and every single one of those pictures and make the thumbnails right? I don't have the patience for it. :)

Olsen Twins

Quite possibly the best looking twins on the face of the Earth, and among my favorite actresses now that they're getting out of the family friendly stuff (Mary-Kate was in the 3rd season of the show "Weeds", Ashley isn't acting so much anymore I don't think). And there are probably doubles or even triples in here, I haven't really sorted through them yet.

1192 Photos

Christina Applegate

For those who don't know, she played the dim-witted but gorgeous Kelly in the television show Married with Children. She was in some other movies as well, but I can't think of what they are.

50 Photos

Kirsten Dunst

It's kind of creepy to realize the first movie I remembeer seeing her in was Interview with the Vampire. She definitely grew up.

87 Photos

Anne Hathaway

Disney princess to REAL actor. A lot of people gave her crap because she showed up in topless scenes after the Disney movies. Her response? "I'm an actor. I act." ... maybe not word for word, but that pretty much sums up what she said. Any way you put it, this woman is stunning.

156 Photos

Summer Glau

She played River Tam in "Firefly" and "Serenity" and Cameron in that Sarah Connor Chronicles show that I've never seen because I haven't watched TV in a long time. heh

829 Photos

Emma Watson

Who woulda thought the annoying little shit in Harry Potter would turn out like this?

155 Photos

Milla Jovovich

The sexiest zombie killer ever.

604 Photos

Hayden Penettiere

Here's your one reason to watch the movie "I Love You Beth Cooper"

321 Photos

Amanda Bynes

I've no idea what movies she's been in. I think she was on Disney at one point or something though.

2515 Photos

Lindsay Lohan

There's just somethin' about her, I don't know what it is to be honest.

538 Photos

Naomi Watts

She definitely made Peter Jackson's King Kong bearable.

532 Photos

Hilary Duff

I didn't even know she even did music until I saw her "cover" of Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus.

102 Photos

Ellen Page

She's what made the movie "Juno" such a good movie. Her and the oddball writing that is.

463 Photos

Keira Knightley

The name is all you need.

957 Photos

Natalie Portman

Every geek's dream. :)

75 Photos

Anna Friel

I don't even know who this is, wasn't she on some television show.

10 Photos

Katie Holmes

God she was gorgeous before she married the freaked out Scientology midget.

331 Photos

Kate Hudson

To be perfectly honest the only movie I've seen her in is The Skeleton Key.

141 Photos

Jennifer Aniston

40 years old and still blows away most women half her age.

49 Photos

Michelle Trachtenberg

I had originally mistakenly pinned her for saving The Grudge sequel, naturally I was wrong and someone finally corrected me. But dammit I do remember her from the few times I saw Buffy : The Vampire Slayer.

97 Photos

Elisha Cuthbert

The only reason to watch the movie "The Girl Next Door"

342 Photos

Avril Lavigne

Her music is terrible, but she was awesome in Over the Hedge.

838 Photos

Julia Stiles

The first movie I ever saw her in was "10 Things I Hate About You". She's pretty much the reason I like that movie.

1066 Photos

Claire Danes

And no, I've never seen "My So Called Life"

1074 Photos

Fiona Apple

She proves that a woman can be pissed off and extremely sexy at the same time.

72 Photos

Amy Lee

Man, what a perfect voice.

57 Photos

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