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An introduction…

"Boredom's not a burden anyone should bare.."

That is one of my favorite quotes in music, and I wholeheartedly agree with the statement. The administrator of this site has granted me the pleasure of adding my two cents of whatever comes to mind, right here on this site. My purpose here is to cure myself of the occasional case of boredom, and hopefully do the same for you in the process.

I am a 26 year old father of two young daughters, and an avid gamer when the time allows. I work also, but it is nothing interesting enough to speak about. I am a big fan of FPS games, but I enjoy games that spam MOST genres, minus RTS, simply because I do not have the patience.

What I post on this site will vary. Could be an opinionated article on current events, or something simple such as what I thought about a game demo.  Who knows. Whatever I post though, I hope you will all enjoy my writings as much as I will enjoy composing and sharing them.


Retro gaming related nipple pasties … the perfect gift!

pacman-pasties-2 I can think of at LEAST two people I personally know I could definitely get these things for. Anyway, I would imagine you can get them from here, but the site isn’t in English and I’m too lazy to translate it. And there’s other ones on there like duckies and guns and diamonds and all that mess, but the ones shown are the only ones I actually care about.

And don’t give me any crap about that picture not being safe for work. She’s perfectly covered up. And if you’re a regular to this site, why the hell would you be browsing this at work ANYWAY.

*ahem* Anyway, yeah. This rocks. That’s all I’ve got to say. And if you leave a comment saying “That plug and play game can’t possibly work with that TV!” you’re not paying attention to the important things.

pacman-pasties-3 mushroom-pasties


Can’t afford an iPad? You still want that look of amazement from your friends?


Now you can buy your very own iPad for 15 bucks. It boasts unlimited battery life, unlimited resolution and measures 7.47” x 9.56” … the catch? What catch. There’s no catch!

That’s because this thing does exactly what you expect, it is 25 sheets of paper (recycled paper to be precise because I know there are the environmental nuts out there) … and that’s it.

It’s an iPaperPad, and it’s available on Amazon for $14.97 for a 3 pack, and if you get it you may not get the look of amazement you were looking for from your friends. It may be a look of “What on Earth is THAT thing? 25 sheets? How much did you pay for this?”

My question is, why did they make it paper? Yeah yeah yeah the name makes sense. But spending 15 bucks on those washable marker white boards would make a little more sense. Hell, even a CHALK BOARD would have made more sense. At least the background would have been black.

Of course, they probably would have made it green.

BUT, naturally, this thing is in existence, and it’s kind of a weird little oddity that some of the more rabid Apple fans will probably scoop up. If you’re one of those, you can click the link above to see about buying this thing. Hit the jump for some pictures.


Evil Dead redone using Clay.

hahaha I love this movie. Maybe someone will have to the patience to do the entire movie one of these days. But they managed to get most of the main parts of the movie in 60 seconds I suppose.


Definitely my kind of girl.

This chick is balancing 15 books on her head, solving a Rubik’s Cube and reciting Pi to 100 digits. Three things I could never do in this span of time. And it helps that she’s cute on top of it all. Although probably a bit young for my tastes. She looks like she's under 23, and that's about as young as I'm willing to go anymore. Regardless of that, enjoy.


Back from the dead with something stupid.


Now, I'm not a football guy. I don't watch it, I don't play it, I could care less. But it's moments like this where I wish I WAS the type to watch it. The impressive part is the fact that he caught it on it's way down.


Negative Gamer’s How to Make a Good Video Game Blog video series

Thought about making a video game blog? Well, Wardrox over at Negative Gamer has put together some videos detailing how you can do that. And you can really apply his tips to ANY kind of site that is based on a specific subject. And if by some strange chance you haven’t heard of the site, don’t judge the videos by the name of the site because it’s not anywhere near as insulting as you’d think it is and he’s actually very helpful.

And it’s actually making me really regret picking Godaddy for my hosting. ;) Regardless of any of that, go and check it out right here. Right now he’s on his third video, and they’re only about 10 minutes apiece.

Makes me wonder what's coming up in the future videos to be honest, because I'm paying attention. Wasted Seconds isn't specifically a video game site, it's more of a general interest deal. Just I'm the one who does the majority of the writing, and my interests happen to be video games.


Captchas are funny sometimes.


I don’t even think I need to comment on this one. This is one that I got from Negative Gamer just a minute ago. Sorry, just couldn't resist. :P

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Facebook ads can be funny sometimes.

UntitledAlright, this is not something I expect when seeing a Christian Singles ad. I especially love the wording. “Want the girl next door?” then talking about iChurch or some such nonsense. Just thought I’d share. :)

I wonder if all Christian girls are like that. Maybe I should go to church more often than once a year and actually stay awake.

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Hungry bears like minivans

The Yosemite Valley black bears like handouts, syrupy wreckage of a human food cache & minivans. According to research that study 908 vehicles between 2001 and 2007 minivans accounted for 26 percent of the vehicles broken into. Bears have a very keen sense of smell, similar to that of a blood hound. So if there is food near by they can smell it and track it down even if its locked up in a vehicle whose windows and doors are all locked and shut completely. The bears tend to treat vehicles like a soup can and peel it open.

Here is the link to full article if you would like to read more.