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Speaking of Megan Fox, here’s a good one.

Seth Rogan getting shut the fuck down by Megan Fox. :P So far the best movie I've seen him in is Zack and Miri Make a Porno (great fuckin' movie if you haven't seen it. And really shows off that Seth is a great fucking actor). I have a feeling if I was in that situation I would've gotten kicked in the nuts or something. And kudos for Jimmy Kimmel for snagging Sarah Silverman for as long as he did (last I heard they were broken up).

And without further ramblings by yours truely.


Jennifer’s Body - How to make money in movies.

jennifers_body_poster-337x500The upcoming film starring Transformer's star Megan Fox "Jennifer's Body" ... she plays a highschool cheerleader who becomes possessed and starts murdering her male classmates. And apparently in the movie there are lesbian scenes and she's topless at some point (or, judging from the plot many) points in the movie. Now, this to me sounds like a TERRIBLE idea for a movie ... and kind of reminds me of the movie Tamara (check it out on Netflix Instant Watch). Now the way I'm treating this movie is exactly how it's going to make money. Megan Fox + topless + lesbian scenes + zombies = something i'm going to watch. That and the story, for how completely terrible it sounds actually interests me. Nobody can deny that Megan Fox is a beautiful woman and an up and coming actress. Her acting may not be all that great right now, but she has to get out of these roles that rely almost completely on her looks and get REAL roles in film for people to actually take her seriously and not watch the movie just to see her tits. Come on, honestly. Was there any other reason to watch those horrid Transformers movies. Seriously. Michael Bay, please stop stabbing my childhood with a spork. It's painful. The only good points to those movies are Megan and the fact that the original voice guy for Optimus Prime is in it.


Shitty Movies - House of the Dead


I, for one, actually admire Uwe Boll. The fact that the man's movie CONTINUOUSLY get slammed, and he keeps making them. This movie is one of them. Based off of the Sega game of the same name, the story is pretty much as follows : A group of teenagers are on their way to island to the "rave of the century" I believe was the wording. And get attacked by zombies and thus they have to defend themselves and try to make it out alive.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen pictures updated

1235888 Got kind of bored so I uploaded a little under 800 pictures to this gallery, although I haven't sorted through them so there's probably doubles in there. Entirely too many to sort through. But they're there.  And the reason for so many of these gallery updates is because quite honestly it's the easiest part to do. No real talent or anything required, just upload and click a few times. :P

Olsen Twins

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Finally done with Amanda Bynes pictures, and added some to Natalie Portman.


I don't think I'll ever have to add another Amanda Bynes picture again, unless she goes a little more "interesting" in her movies than from what I've heard. And I added a bunch more to Natalie Portman's gallery ... which honestly desperately needed it, even though it still isn't anywhere near as big as I'd like. :P Can't say I'm a big fan of the short hair, but her and Milla Jovovich are the only two women I've ever seen pull it off well.  Hit the jump.


Good Old Games adds Judge Dredd : Dredd Vs Death


If you've never heard of this site, they sell a shitton of older PC games (that are fully Windows Vista and x64 compatible) for dirt cheap. Everything on the site is under 10 bucks, with most of them being about $5.99. Which is exactly how much this game is.

It's free to make an account, there aren't any commitments or anything. Hell, there are even a few free games on there. One of which being a great point and click adventure called Beneath a Steel Sky, which I highly suggest you try if you like the recent Steam releases of The Secret of Monkey Island (also on Xbox 360), Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and the King's Quest and Space Quest collections.

Judge Dredd : Dredd Vs Death on Good Old Games


I wish I could go to Comic-Con one of these days.

Maximum PC went there and has 600 pictures of the cosplayers. Some are good, some are bad. Some are downright terrible. But in the end, it's all in good fun. Hit the jump to see my three personal picks, or just click here to see all the rest.


And on a side note

Amanda_0005 I uploaded some more of those Amanda Bynes pictures I talked about yesterday ... though I still have a ways to go before they're all up. And I uploaded a shitton more Elisha Cuthbert pictures, so that particular gallery is worth having on the site now. Like I said, when I do something, I tend to overdo it. :) elisha321280x960

Hit the jump to go directly to the galleries themselves.


The next Resident Evil movie will kick off a whole new trilogy

milla-jovovich-resident-evil Resident Evil : Afterlife (the fourth live action RE movie) is aiming to be a rebirth of the entire franchise and will begin shooting in 2010. The movie will use stereoscopic 3D using the same type of cameras James Cameron used for Avatar, with a budget higher than that of any of the previous RE movies. Now personally I have  never been a big fan of the games because I can't stand the "tank controls" for a human character. I wasn't impressed by Resident Evil 4 or 5, though I do like the story for all the games. That being said, I think the movies are actually pretty good, and are much better than most other video game to movie adaptions I've seen. But I wouldn't really call them horror movies, they're more action movies to me. I personally can't wait for this new movie. Just, Milla, if you read this ... please don't do the short hair again. :)

via shacknews


What Microsoft should do to make me care about their music store.

Now this is just speaking for me in specific, although I'm sure a lot of people would agree with this.

I have a 30GB 5th generation iPod video. That's what I use to listen to all my MP3s and podcasts. I could really care less about the music store because I'm not a big fan of DRM. Yes, I am aware that they have DRM free downloads for a little bit more, but I don't really care.