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Get Quaked 3–You won’t see stuff like this in Call of Duty folks.

These videos are mainly stemming from the frustrating fact that people seem to think games like Call of Duty : Black Ops have good multiplayer. I just recently went through Black Ops’ pathetic attempt at single player and am slogging my way through the multiplayer … when I remembered there are games out there WORTH playing that are actually fast paced instead of faking it. Call of Duty and Halo fans out there, play a real game that’s actually fun to play. You don’t even need to grow a set of balls to do it, you can play this for free. And it’ll run on just about any modern computer.


Another Top 10 List

Top Ten Lists. Everyone loves to read lists, even though it is only on a rare occasion that the reader will wholeheartedly agree with the writer. Hell, some lists even provoke feelings of rage within a person if they disagree with the contents. But nonetheless, people continue to make em', and people continue to read.

Upon completion of Red Dead Redemption, it dawned upon me that I haven't enjoyed a game that much in quite a long time. I then started wondering if it was possibly my favorite game of this generation. And herein lies my inspiration for my list of Top Ten Favorite Video Games of this Generation. Did Red Dead Redemption claim the top spot? Lets find out.


Now you can kill zombies Call of Duty style on your iPhone

I haven’t played this yet (I honestly haven’t even played it on the console version of it), but a lot of people seem to like this stuff. I will probably eventually get it, but I honestly can’t really see myself spending 10 bucks on a game that only has one map with more that you have to pay more for. Now, on the other hand there is online play with this for 2 to 4 players coop. Here's a little review from AppStoreReviewer.


This is exactly the reason I don’t play most games online.

Yes, I’ll admit that I cuss. A LOT. You know that if you’ve talked to me in person, but I also don’t get on there calling people faggots, niggers and “niggots” and whatnot when I kill them (or, more often than not when they kill me). Seriously people. It’s 2009 … almost 2010 and people STILL use those words? Xbox Live is the WORST place on the face of the Earth to play online because of this. I can’t even get into a game of Uno without hearing someone bitch about this, that and the other thing that other players are doing to them. That are part of the game. And who the hell thought of the corpse humping thing in Halo? Robin Williams apparently has this problem too, he’s just much more patient to the 10 to 13 year old crowd than I am.

Here's another one. Definitely not safe for work.


The Fight Against Grenade Spam

Oh boy. Infinity Ward is batting a thousand with Modern Warfare 2. Not only have the butchered the PC version (which, whether you like it or not is the only system optimized for this game) by making it a feautreless console port. And it's limited to 9 vs 9 because, well, apparently nobody needs more than that. Oh, and a price hike because I guess they aren't making enough money as it is. But ... well ... watch the video.

I'll go back to my 32 player Unreal Tournament 3 now with dedicated servers, mods out the ass and with gameplay that's actually fast paced and fun now.

Infinity Ward, if you wanted to piss people off with your game, you should have just not bothered to release a PC version of it.


Modern Warfare 2 … no dedicated servers on the PC? No modding? What’s the point in releasing it then.

They're none too happy about this.

Now me personally, I could really care less one way or the other because I’m more of a retro gamer at heart. Yeah, I play Left 4 Dead all the time, but most of the time you’ll see me playing something like Rise of the Triad, Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena. Call of Duty is just too ridiculously slow paced for someone like me. But that’s not the point.


Fucking campers.


I was digging around and found this, just thought I’d drop it off here. This kinda looks like something Paradox would arrange.  I wonder if there are any local public LAN parties around here that play something other than slow paced boring first person shooters like Call of Duty and Halo. I know full and well my laptop can  run Starcraft, Warcraft III, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3 Arena, etc etc. Arena shooters all the way. I guess I’ll have to find that out. Depending on what’s being played,  you don’t need some monstrous system (though it would definitely help).


OMG our games are training future killers!

I saw the recent episode of Penn & Teller's Bullshit about the violent video games. I also saw a short interview with Dan Akroyd regarding Ghostbusters : The Video Game where he said that the game isn't a "murder simulator". That you don't actually harm ANY humans in the game. With all the bullshit Jack Thompson pulls with regards to games like Grand Theft Auto and all these parents bitching that games shouldn't exist, it gets ridiculous. And I'm a parent. I have a 7 year old daughter. I'm also smart enough to know that those ratings are there for a reason. She LOVES horror movies, and I can't wait for the night when we sit down together and watch one of the old Freddy or Jason movies. She loves The Grudge, and I went out and bought her her own copies of the movie (rated PG-13 versions thank you), she loves Army of Darkness and stuff like that. She loves watching me play Left 4 Dead and DooM 3. And , much like me as a result of seeing those, she doesn't wanna hurt a fly.
I've been playing these "murder simulators"(first person shooters) since Wolfenstein 3D. I love them. I'm more into the run and gun style gameplay of the old Wolfenstein 3D, DooM, Quake and Unreal Tournament. Later on I tried Grand Theft Auto when it went 3D and didn't like it. I don't like Halo ... I see it as a substandard shooter with a boring story. I don't really like the Call of Duty games, though I do own CoD 4 : Modern Warfare for the 360 and the PC ... though with the PC version I was more interested as to whether or not my PC would actually run it than actually playing it. Gears of War was alright for a playthrough, but the multiplayer gets old quickly.
And I got to think about it, they say these games train kids to kill. You look down the barrel of a rfle and kill kill kill. Grand Theft Auto teaches you to pick up hookers, fuck 'em to get your health back and kill them to get your money back (didn't Zelda 2 do something like that minus the killing part?). Halo and Call of Duty are kinda like "sniper simulators" because that's all I've really encountered when I've played the games. Here was a rundown of my last play of Call of Duty 4 : I spawn in, look around. Nobody around. I run up to a wall, peek around the corner. Nobody there. I go to run across to an opposite wall, I hear a gunshot and I fall over. Then I say "fuck it" and return to a game that's actually fun : Unreal Tournament 3.
But back to what I was saying, these people are retarded. I understand that these games are not made for children. I do plan on letting my daughter play games like Left 4 Dead, because that's the kind of thing that I'm into. And in Left 4 Dead you don't actually kill humans (unless you're a dick to your team), you're killing all zombies. And when I let her play something like that I'm going to make damned sure she knows that it's not ok to hurt people. It's not the game industry's concern to tell kids what is right and wrong. It's us as parents. When I let her watch The Grudge and Army of Darkness I make sure she knows the difference between fantasy and reality. Yes, I know that Army of Darkness is rated R, but if you've ever seen the movie before you can agree with me the movie is comic bookish in nature and WAAAAAY too over the top. And my parents did the same with me when I was a kid and watching the Freddy and Jason movies. Later on, Wolfenstein 3D came out and I knew the difference between fantasy and reality. DooM came out and I just had a blast with it. And I've never deliberately caused physical harm to someonee who didn't deserve it.
Parents out there, quit assuming the games industry owes you. If your kid plays Grand Theft Auto and goes out and kills someone, YOU fucked up. The game didn't cause anything like that. The kid would've done it REGARDLESS of the game. For now, my kid is perfectly content playing games like Pac-Man, Sonic : The Hedgehog (the Genesis versions, not the 3D crap), Mario, Dance Dance Revolution and board games. And if she wants to keep playing games like that as she gets older, that's fine. Or if she doesn't want to play them at all, that's fine too. But regardless of any of that, it's MY job as a parent to make sure she knows the difference from right and wrong. And fantasy and reality. She isn't going to see those games as "murder simulators". She is going to see them as GAMES.

I saw the recent episode of Penn & Teller's Bullshit about the violent video games. I also saw a short interview with Dan Akroyd regarding Ghostbusters : The Video Game where he said that the game isn't a "murder simulator". That you don't actually harm ANY humans in the game. With all the bullshit Jack Thompson pulls with regards to games like Grand Theft Auto and all these parents bitching that games shouldn't exist, it gets ridiculous.