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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen with cat and mouse ears

XXXXX attends the 'Opening Ceremony' Japan flagship store opening reception party on August 29, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. I just thought I'd drop this off just because aside from the sunglasses it's fucking hot. This is from some fashion ceremony or something in Tokyo. I don't follow nor care about fashion, so you get nothing else.

And there's an extra one in there just because I felt like putting it there.


Xbox Live Indie Games Review - Streets of Fury

xboxboxartDefinitely a really cool idea.


Defense Grid : The Awakening Soundtrack

Hidden Path Entertainment has decided to release the soundtrack to their downloadable game Defense Grid : The Awakening due to the request of the fans. From the site : "All of the original in-game tracks were composed to be interactive and support what is happening as you play the game. Several tracks have been rearranged in order to fit into this soundtrack style format."

Check out the original site here, or hit the jump to listen to or download the tracks.


Invincible Tiger : The Legend of Han Tao Soundtrack

Yeah, the game may just be a generic boring beat 'em up ... but the music is kick ass. And Blitz Games must have realized this because they put up the soundtrack for free. And here it is.

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I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1NIT!!!1 Soundtrack

Here is the entire 13 minute song James Silva released on his blog, and if you for some reason don't know anything about the game, you can click right here for my review of it. But don't waste your time reading the review, just get 80 MS Points and buy the damned game. Now.


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Regarding the “Gorgeous Women” picture galleries

Those galleries seem to garner the most attention on the site, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm not going to be doing out of my way to update them anymore, although I do have a shitton and a half of Keira Knightley pictures to add. But for the most part, if you want pictures, I TRY to make the tags pretty easy to use, and if you want more pictures, just click on those. For those of you who are coming here for everything the site has, give me some ideas! Get ahold of me, it's not hard (no I'm not putting my email on here) and give me some suggestions! Just if if requires any actually HTML or PHP or whatever skills ... c'mon. This site is using a (for the most part) stock WordPress theme. Do you REALLY think I have the knowhow? I haven't done HTML in probably 10 years. :P

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Mario Bros VGA

Mario Brothers VGA_3This is another one of those games that I was first introduced to via the Atari 2600 instead of the arcade. Although later I did end up getting it for the original Nintendo at a yard sale and played it on that. But when I got this I was kinda starting to get into PC gaming, and this fit the bill perfectly, even though the sound is, yet again, being pumped out of the damned PC Speaker. But I was too young to really care, and if I wanted good sound I'd hop over to my Nintendo and play that because the PC my family had at the time didn't have a sound card in it. But if you like the original Mario game, this isn't a half bad version of it. Of course nowadays we have emulation and Nintendo's Virtual Console and things like that, so this is kinda out of date. But it does give me some good memories.

Download - 46k As always, use DOSBox


Joust VGA


My first experience with Joust wasn't in the arcades to be perfectly honest. I don't even think I've played an ACTUAL Joust arcade machine ever. My first experience with it was for the Atari 2600, and despite the changes from the arcade (the floating eggs, the lack of a hand coming out of the lava, the eggs hatching and being collected to the enemy birds working completely different, etc) I loved it. And being that I had no prior experience with the arcade version, THAT was Joust for me. Around the time this version of the game came out in 1990, I was heavy into bulletin boards getting whatever games I could find, and this was one of them.


Natalie Portman in Interview Magazine

drew-barrymore-interview-september-2009-01 You can read the interview right here where she talks about various things, including a weird love for really REALLY raunchy rap music. Can't say I stand the shit myself, but whatever floats her boat. Pretty interesting interview though. And here's the rest of the pictures, though not in high resolution or anything. But how could I not include them.


Xbox Live Indie Games Review - Puzzle Pandemonium

xboxboxartOkay, I'd like to state. For the record. I HATE most puzzle games.