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This is exactly the reason I don’t play most games online.

Yes, I’ll admit that I cuss. A LOT. You know that if you’ve talked to me in person, but I also don’t get on there calling people faggots, niggers and “niggots” and whatnot when I kill them (or, more often than not when they kill me). Seriously people. It’s 2009 … almost 2010 and people STILL use those words? Xbox Live is the WORST place on the face of the Earth to play online because of this. I can’t even get into a game of Uno without hearing someone bitch about this, that and the other thing that other players are doing to them. That are part of the game. And who the hell thought of the corpse humping thing in Halo? Robin Williams apparently has this problem too, he’s just much more patient to the 10 to 13 year old crowd than I am.

Here's another one. Definitely not safe for work.