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Xbox Live Indie Game Review – You Will Die

xboxboxart This game is fucking cruel. It’s evil, and it’s quite possibly one of the hardest games in the Indie Games section. It doesn’t screw around. You have one weapon, one life, a shield that hacks away at your score (which is the ultimate point of the game) and no apologies. Most people I’ve seen who play this (including me. Hey, I never said I was good at these games) can’t get past about level 3 or 4. Out of, from what I understand, 32 total levels.

So it’s definitely appropriately titled. It doesn’t matter how good you are, you WILL eventually die.

That doesn’t mean it’s any good though, now does it. We’re going to have to make that determination as we go … well … more like I’ve already made my decision and you’ll just have to read on and see.


Let’s try something new. Who wants Platypus for XBLIG?

And the winner is .... Jigsaw hc. So I'll get that to ya eventually when I feel like doing it.

In the meantime, you can keep an eye out on the Wasted Seconds twitter account for other stuff like this that I do on occasion. It's usually a last minute decision when I DO give stuff away, so you've gotta keep an eye on it. :)

I have a redemption token for the kick-ass Xbox Live Indie Game Platypus here … and rather than going the normal route I go using Twitter for this one I decided to try something different. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and on December 14th, I’ll pick one of those commenters at random.

That’s it. Now, don’t fret if your comment doesn’t immediately show up, I have to approve them all. You do have to make an account to comment, obviously it’s free to sign up. Just make sure you use the email you want me to send the token to in your signup. Or you can just give me your Twitter handle and I can direct message you the token from @wastedseconds. Or however way you want me to get ahold of ya.

If you’re wondering what I personally thought of the game if you’ve never played it before you can click right here to check out my review.

Now I should note that I will be eyeing IP addresses, and if I see different accounts/comments on the same IP you’re automatically disqualified. That’s really the only hitch that I can think of right now.

So let’s see if this is going to work because if this works out well I’ll use this method to give away future games because it’s a hell of a lot easier than using Twitter. :)

*UPDATE* My Internet connection is currently down and I haven't any idea when it will be back up. I'm actually at a gas station tapping this out on my iPod right now. So if I don't get around to choosing a winner today that's why. :) But hopefully it'll be back up later today. Exit stage lower left.

*Another Update* Alright, my internet is playing nice. So I'll be picking someone soon. Will be real easy to judge since all the comments are numbered. I'll be using random.org. And someone already broke my little rule of having two comments on the same IP, so those comments aren't even going up. The rest, soon. Probably midnightish central time (GMA -6). Which technically means after Monday, but what can I say. I'm a night person. :)


XBLIG Review - Platypus

xboxboxart A shooter coming on in the Indie Games that ISN’T a dual stick shooter? How could that be? Did hell freeze over? Platypus is a strange beast for me, because #1) It’s a game that I have played several times before and #2) It’s a horizontal shmup. I have always disliked horizontal shmups. Gradius, R-Type, I don’t care. Horizontal shmups just don’t feel right to me for some reason. This game is a strange exception to the rule, because other than the graphical style it doesn’t do anything to change anything about horizontal shmups. It’s just got an unmistakable charm that keeps me coming back for more.

And now it’s on the Xbox 360 where I can play it on my large-ish 36” TV (albeit it’s only 480p) with my SF4 Fight Stick. And it’s bliss. But let’s get to talking about the actual game shall we?


Platypus hits the Xbox Live Indie Games

Escapist Games Limited today announced that Platypus, their “definitive version of the much-loved PC game” has just been launched on the Xbox 360 Indie games platform.