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Snailien Invasion for the Xbox 360

I woke up today and saw the weirdest press release for a game … mostly stemming from the title.

banner Snailien Invasion is a 2D platform shooter similar to Liero and Soldat. Taking the battlefield to the Xbox 360, the game features full HD support, eight player network games and split screen support for up to four players. Expect fast-paced action, grappling-hook swinging fun and tons of weapons to research and try out!

  • Play against your friends in the classic modes (deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag).
  • Play solo/coop against never-ending waves of drones in the survival mode.
  • Research over 30 weapons, all with varying degrees of weirdness, yet useful in their own way.
  • Terrain hardness: Some weapons produce concrete, which is much harder to dig though than normal terrain. Gratification for all you fort-builders out there!
  • A fun and quirky/weird sci-fi theme, complete with theremins in the intro music :)

It should be out in August according to the developers. Judging from the games it’s inspired by, it’ll probably play something like a real time Worms. You can check out the official site right here and hit the jump for some screenshots.


Halfbrick’s “Blast Off” is free right now for the iPhone/iPod Touch and probably the iPad.

mzl.ylyhnfle.320x480-75 Yeah, the title says it all. Just snag it right here. This is one of those games that I played the trial for on the Xbox 360 and, while it was good, it lent itself to more of a portable platform like the iPod for me.


Oh what I would’ve given to be at this particular CES.

Hell yeah.

1UP had a little article a while back about "E3" from 20 years ago (when games were shown off at CES). Aw man, this was during the day when the original Nintendo was in power and the Sega Genesis had only been around a short time. If only I could travel back in time, because to me this was when gaming REALLY started to get interesting with the introduction of the Genesis. Still to this day my favorite console. Click right here to see the article in all it's glory. Thanks to Windows Gamer.


Hey guys, we’re on Facebook too.

You know what to do. Hopefully. :) You can get the up to the minute updates there, get ahold of us for feedback on either the site or the podcast, etc etc. I promise, we don't bite. Unless you happen to be asian, around 5 feet tall, around 100 to 110lbs and at least 24 years of age. ... Okay ... that's just me. but still. If not you can also find us on Twitter. And, as always, we also have a podcast over at a separate site that you can find right here.


Lindsay Lohan in the German GQ

0715-lindsay-lohan-german-gq-03 It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Mostly because I’m very picky and won’t just pick ANYTHING out. So you’ve got to ask yourself … what’s better than a beautiful woman playing (or in this case holding because I’m unsure as to whether or not she can actually play it) a guitar? Doing it topless.

It amazes me about all he hooplah surrounding this recent court thing … sure … it’s unfortunate that she has to do drugs, and hopefully she’ll get off of them. But in the end, who gives a shit what she does with HER time.

Think of it this way, if her name wsa Lindsay Jones, who would care?

In any case, courtesy of Egotastic! and The Superficial here are a ton of insultingly sexy pictures and a video.

It’s just a shame the freckles aren’t noticeable … that’s one of her best features.


Do you ever wonder what you may have missed in the previous generation of consoles?

multiconsole I always wonder that … so I’ve been on a Playstation 2 kick lately. It WOULD be the Xbox … except mine isn’t so much an Xbox anymore so much as it is an emulation/homebrew machine. And add on to the fact that damn DVD tray won’t open anymore for some reason. Yeah yeah, I know that’s easily fixed but I’m just too lazy to do it. The damn thing is basically an underpowered PC in a big, ugly, heavy black box anyway. And the Gamecube … honestly those games are a bit harder to get than PS2 games in my area, so I’m also going to leave that out. I’m just speaking me personally here, but you can say the same thing about any of the previous generation systems really. Just with the Gamecube being a somewhat smaller one because not everything came out for that for some reason.


Episode 2 of the Wasted Seconds podcast is up.

I figure I’ll put a post regarding it up on here every other show (because they don’t always fall into episodes). And I may eventually permanently migrate it over here. I don’t really know yet, because the podcast is it’s own beast. I will say this, beware : the people who have talked to me either in person or at least in chat (or if you follow my Twitter at all) know that I’m an extremely raunchy person. Therefore, the podcast is definitely explicit. So be mindful of where you listen to it. But you can check out episode 2 “You ignored me for THAT?” as well as the other two episodes and a Red Dead Redemption spoilercast for those of you who have either beaten the game or are comfortable with spoilers at the Wasted Seconds Podcast site. Right now it’s me, Josh Campos and Justin Smith … and hopefully one of these days we’ll get an episode going where EVERYONE is on at the same time.

And for those brave souls who want to be on it as well, just get ahold of me. I’m sure we can work something out. Unfortunately, there is no SET recording time, so no promises there. :)


Tweet Defense – My current little iPod obsession.

1262705502media_screen1 Justin and I talked about this game a little bit on episode 2 of the podcast, so I thought I’d elaborate a little bit more on here … even though all I’ve really played is the endless mode. When Justin says something along the lines of that he hasn’t gotten as far as I have, it was because I sent him a screenshot of round 167 I think it was.

Tweet Defense, as you may have guessed, is a tower defense game. Zombies come from one end of the screen and you have to keep them from reaching the other end and eating what brains you have available. You place towers of various kinds along the path (thankfully, there IS a path and it’s not one of those ridiculous sandbox style tower defense games) that shoot at, slow down or help other towers along the way. While it does have the cartoony art style, there is blood so it probably isn’t the best thing for young kids.


Fast & Furious Adrenaline for the iPhone just got a fairly sizable update.

Fast-and-Furious-Adrenaline-iPhone Yeah yeah yeah, I’m well aware that this game doesn’t stand up to other racing games on the App Store like Need for Speed Shift, Real Racing, etc etc … but that doesn’t matter to me. Even though it doesn’t stand up quite as well, and it has it’s little hitches like the draw distance not being all that great. It’s still a pretty fun little game on the cheap at $1.99 and really shows how the games on this particular platform have evolved. It seems like they’re listening to the issues the players have with it and are working with them. Check out this list of stuff.


I wish I could see something like this in person.

I’m a retro gamer at heart. Through and through. I just love those older classic games. Some of my favorites being Missile Command for the Atari 2600, any version of Millipede, Rampage, Gauntlet … the list goes on and on. Since I was born in 1981 I missed out being aware of the Atari 2600. At that young of an age … it was just something I saw occasionally since I wasn’t able to have one of my own. My earliest gaming memories from a store come from seeing NES games and whatnot at Wal-Mart … not even a game specific store. I just remember seeing them behind a case and never being able to get them because I’ve ALWAYS been a cheap bastard and just got them when people got tired of them or from yard sales.

And the electronic games are another one. Sure, I played the old Tiger Electronics games. Who didn’t at least play ONE. And some of the ones I had as a kid I wish I still had like Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat. Oh, and that one … I don’t remember the exact name of it off the top of my head … I’m sure I could find it if I actually did some research. I think it was called the Tiger VR Zone or something. It was this headset you wrapped around your head, you stuck a little cartridge in it and the Tiger game would show up in sort of a pseudo 3D on a little red screen in front of your face.

Either way, these pictures are very telling and make me wish I could go back in time to actually see this in person. It’s just not the same anymore. Yeah, you walk into a store and it might look somewhat similar … but just doesn’t have the same charm. All the pictures courtesy of GameGavel.com’s forums. Which is, ironically enough, the adopted forums of The Wasted Seconds Podcast for those of you who want a kickass crowd of people to shoot the shit with about retro and modern gaming.