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Christmas gaming deals abound from Good Old Games, Gameloft and Charlie’s Games

First off, Charlie’s Games has a 2 for 1 deal going on … well … 2 of their games. Bullet Candy Perfect and Irukandji. The kicker? How much do you think they’re worth because anything over $1.00 is game. You think they’re worth a buck? Pay it. You think they’re worth 10? Pay that too. A hundred? Go for it, and you get get both. Bullet Candy Perfect alone is worth the deal for being a pretty well done shooter. Click right here for more information about that.

Good Old Games has deals going as well, and even the NORMAL prices on a lot of the games are cheaper than Steam’s and you get more stuff. Here are some recommendations :

And there are WELL over 100 more, so go there, make an account and check it out.

And finally, Gameloft has a sale going on a lot of their iPhone/iPod Touch games.

  • Chuck Norris : Bring on the Pain – $0.99
  • 1 Vs 100 - $0.99
  • Hero of Sparta - $1.99
  • Wild West Guns - $0.99
  • Let’s Golf - $1.99
  • Midnight Pool - $0.99
  • Midnight Bowling - $0.99
  • Castle Frenzy - $1.99
  • Rise of Lost Empire - $1.99
  • Castle of Magic - $1.99
  • New York Nights $0.99
  • Chess Classics - $0.99
  • CSI Miami - $0.99
  • Platinum Solitaire - $0.99
  • Bailout Wars - $0.99
  • TV Show King - $0.99
  • Ferrari GT - $1.99
  • Diamond Twister – $1.99
  • Alone at War - $0.99
  • Bubble Bash - $0.99

iPhone/iPod Touch Review – Brothers in Arms : Hour of Heroes

brothers-in-arms-hour-of-heroes-screenshot-1 Now, yes, I realize this game came out in 2008. But I don’t care. I just recently got a 2nd generation iPod Touch and this game is new to ME which is the reason I’m writing this. And I should also point out that I have never played any other Brothers in Arms game … which I may have to remedy by getting the PC version eventually. So this is my first foray into the franchise period.

I was on the hunt for some first person shooters to snag for this neat little device, and this (among others) was one of the first ones I grabbed purely because it’s an older title. That and it being .99 cents as a part of Gameloft’s “Black Friday” sales didn’t hurt much either. But is it worth the $4.99 it costs as of this writing?


N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance for the iPhone/iPod Touch due out soon

Yeah yeah, it looks a lot like Halo. But Gameloft has proven lately that they can bring a damn good console experience to the iPhone with games like Modern Combat : Sandstorm, Gangstar and Asphault 5. And this game looks to be no exception to that. I can’t wait, and I’m not even a Halo fan. Brothers in Arms was a bit of a letdown control-wise, but that’s also a much earlier game in terms of the iPhone and whatnot. If you want to see a great example of GOOD first person controls on a touch screen, check out Modern Combat. Hopefully this game controls just as good, because it looks like it’s a lot more in your face than the slower paced militiristic shooters.


TouchArcade’s hands on preview of NOVA for the iPhone/iPod Touch

Screen-shot-2009-12-01-at-1.42.38-AM1Say what you want about first person shooters on the iPod, but Gameloft has, for the most part, gotten the touch screen controls to work well with them. Here’s the first paragraph and the DAMNED impression gameplay video of this Halo/Metroid style shooter. And read the rest of the pretty in depth article right here. I can’t say I’m a big fan of minigames in these, but you can’t win ‘em all.

The last of the Gameloft previews from their Paris press event is the highly anticipated NOVA, a first person shooter which seems to combine quite a few gameplay elements of both the Halo and Metroid Prime game series. NOVA is set in the future, when the Earth has run out of resources and human civilization exists on what amounts to interstellar resource farms which are guarded by the Near Orbital Vanguard Alliance (or NOVA).


Gameloft’s GT Racing for the iPhone/iPod Touch cinematic trailer

Now of course, this is just a cinematic but from what I understand their Asphault games are some of the better racing games for the platform, so I’m kind of interested to see how this game turns out.

The first racing simulation of Gameloft is on its way to the App Store with the greatest licensed content ever gathered for an iPhone/iPod Touch racing game.

From what I understand, there will be over 100 licensed cars in this sucker.

Obviously judging from this post, I got me an iPod Touch. So I’ll start doing news and reviews on those eventually. And Gameloft happens to be where I got a bunch of games from because a lot of them were on sale recently for dirt cheap. And I’ve gotta say, despite a few hitches here and there they make some pretty damned good games.

But yeah, if you make iPod Touch games, go ahead and get ahold of me if you want me to review them. And I’ll also be putting my reviews up on the App Store, so I’ll have to change my review scores to go with that. So with the iPod games I’ll be doing a star based rating system rather than my normal 1 to 10.