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Fan made Final Fight movie trailer

If only this was a real movie. Don’t fuck with the mustache, yo.

I hope they make more of this with fight scenes.

And if you don’t know what Final Fight is, then what are you doing here.  Go get it. It’s out for damn near everything. You can probably find the butchered SNES version on the Wii’s virtual console if that’s your style. And I’ve heard it may be coming to XBLA soon too, or at least a version OF it.

Sure, Streets of Rage was better, but in the end Final Fight has a special place in my black little heart because it was faster paced.

Watch the video, and then go play it. I’m sure if you’re a cheap bastard you can snag an emulator somewhere.

via Destructoid


The most bizarre Xbox Live Indie Game I’ve ever seen – Gerbil Physics

I haven’t had a chance to try this yet (been busy rescuing that damn gnome in Left 4 Dead 2 single player. Not as easy as you would expect), so I’m going purely by the video here. But it’s a physics game … which there are million of granted. And 90% of them suck. BUT … this one has a gimmick. Gerbils. Apparently the buildings are made up of gerbils and you have to destroy them or something.

Just watch the damn video and you’ll see what I mean.

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A new Star Hammer gameplay video for you guys.

I mentioned this a while back, so here’s a new gameplay video for you to bask at those big-ass ships. If you wanna read the press release and whatnot just click right here.


Ikaroids for the Xbox 360 Indie Games is in Peer Review

Saw this over at XBLARatings and thought it was pretty cool, so I’m putting it on here. Mainly because the game looks like it’s going to be pretty damn cool. Even though it looks like it’s a dual stick shooter … if it is one of those games it’s definitely a welcome change from the cookie cutter stuff we normally see. Bosses are a cool addition to any game. Read on, or check out the official site.

Ikaroids is a fast-paced action-packed space shooter with a 23-mission campaign that takes place across 9 different planets in which you will defend the Universe from a frightful and unknown enemy. You can further hone your reflexes on 9 challenging survival stages in which you will fight to the death battling an ever-growing hoard of varied enemy ships and creatures. More after the jump, including a trailer and screenshots.


Upcoming XBLIG game - Full Contact Racing


Currently in peer review for release on Xbox Live Indie Games, Full Contact Racing is inspired from British Stock Car Racing. It is oval track racing where contact is encouraged and necessary to win.  With the core of the game being online mulitiplayer matches, and developers looking for community feedback to improve their game, Full Contact Racing has a lot of potential. The developers were kind enough to supply some screenshots and videos for us to check out while we wait for release.

Full Contact Racing was designed and created two guys, Tom and Dennis, and a 3D modeler, Zack. The concept idea was Tom's because of his 1300 Stockcar racing hobby and his addiction for playing Grand Theft Auto 4's Online Race mode. Dennis is the brains behind the programming of the project, and comes up with clever solutions. Zack has modeled a very good 1300 Stockcar.


Upcoming XBLIG game – Pilot Test

I’m not even going to pretend to know what the hell is going on here. But is that it? A red square that avoids green square-related shapes? Really?

via XboxHornet


Mass : We Pray the video game

You have gotta be kidding me. Is this for real? Never mind what you believe (or in my case, don’t believe) … this is just insane. Who the hell would buy this thing. And it’s probably going to be insultingly overpriced. Kinda like charging 400 points for the Bible on Xbox Live. That’s another thing I don’t get. Charging for that? Why the hell would anyone buy that when they can just get out their real Bible and just read their fairy tales THAT way instead of on their TV screen. And aren’t there free programs for the PC that do pretty much the same thing? Maybe even better?

Regardless of that non-sense, if you really want this thing, pre-orders for it start November 20th here, and the thing will be available Easter of 2010. But I honestly don’t see why you would want to spend money on this, even if you do put on your Sunday best for church or whatever. It’s just a waste of time and money.

And is it just me, or is the family in that video frightening as hell.


Johnny Platform Saves Christmas! trailer. Coming soon to the XBLIG.

Yes, here we have a sequel to Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp, a horribly addicting little ... well ... platformer in the indie games section. Also, ironically, I think it was the second game I ever bought on the service.

Regardless of that, check this out.

100 levels, widescreen HD, new robots, explosions, and lots of sideways rolling.

Yes, that annoying music is back but it's much less annoying now and there's also more than one piece of music in this game. :)

So yeah. All the things needed to make the game better. Sideways scrolling and explosions to bring in the Christmas cheer. I can't comment on the widescreen because I'm not cool and I don't actually own an HDTV though.

Dammit. Anyway ... yeah ... I wanna play this. :P


Chris Unarmed, an upcoming XBLIG platformer

What? You can’t go in and randomly cut people’s heads off? Maybe there’s a bazooka powerup. ;) The trailer doesn’t have any sound, but there definitely seems to be some weird stuff going on in there. Give it a watch.

Chris Unarmed, planned for release on the Xbox Live Indie Games platform in late 2009, is a challenging 2D platformer game. You must guide Chris through 4 lands filled with harsh terrain, strong winds, conveyor belts, collectible items and an assortment of monsters, with only your impressive agility to see you through.