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Gameloft’s GT Racing for the iPhone/iPod Touch cinematic trailer

Now of course, this is just a cinematic but from what I understand their Asphault games are some of the better racing games for the platform, so I’m kind of interested to see how this game turns out.

The first racing simulation of Gameloft is on its way to the App Store with the greatest licensed content ever gathered for an iPhone/iPod Touch racing game.

From what I understand, there will be over 100 licensed cars in this sucker.

Obviously judging from this post, I got me an iPod Touch. So I’ll start doing news and reviews on those eventually. And Gameloft happens to be where I got a bunch of games from because a lot of them were on sale recently for dirt cheap. And I’ve gotta say, despite a few hitches here and there they make some pretty damned good games.

But yeah, if you make iPod Touch games, go ahead and get ahold of me if you want me to review them. And I’ll also be putting my reviews up on the App Store, so I’ll have to change my review scores to go with that. So with the iPod games I’ll be doing a star based rating system rather than my normal 1 to 10.