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XBLIG Review – Aardvark


Yeah yeah yeah, another Breakout/Arkanoid style game. There are a few spread out in the indie games section, but the only one that really succeeds on most fronts is Bricks4Ever. It’s going to take a hell of a lot to top that.

But where the other ones fail horribly (most notably ArkX which has the single worst level design I’ve yet seen in a game of this type) this one almost hits it. Despite a few nagging annoyances and issues, this is a pretty good bat and ball game.

A couple of things that kind of stood out for me are, well, the name of the game. Aardvark? What the hell? And the developer goes by the name of “idiot”. It’s that kind of stuff that will draw me to a game immediately for some reason.

Probably because I’m a cynical ass who would probably do the exact same thing. But we’re not talking about me here, or the developer or the screwball naming of the game. We’re here to talk about the game itself.


XBLIG Trial Impression - Aardvark

Now this game definitely surprised me. I downloaded the trial because, well, I’ll download the TRIAL for ANY Breakout style game. I love them. And I also know when one is done well and when one is complete and utter shit because I’ve been playing them for almost as long as I can remember. These types of games have a rather sordid history on the Indie Games section. Bricks4Ever is the single best Breakout style game on the 360. Period. There’s very little that can change that. It’s the right price, the gameplay is excellent, the graphics are excellent. Sure … there are a few bugs here and there, but overall the quality of the game oversrhadows those bugs by a very large margin.

There is one other game that comes CLOSE, but no cigar because of the annoying gameplay. And that one is Bust a Wall. GREAT engine, shitty game.