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A new episode of The Wasted Seconds podcast is up.

Episode 7 - “Fran Fine was fine” … where I’m joined by Critical Failure of Tiger Claw Radio and TV, Triverse from Scenic 7 PR and Out of Print Archive and at the very end, Retrokaiser, which we’ll get more into on the next episode that’ll probably be up in the next week or two. This one is a little less about gaming because it was literally a spur of the moment recording after a catastrophic failure with my normal co-host Ian. And this is also the episode where I’m going to change the format of the show away from it being mainly gaming focused. I think I’m going to embrace the randomness, especially since the majority of modern games annoy the shit out of me.

But regardless, click right here to skip over to the podcast site where you can listen to it. If you want to subscribe on iTunes, click here and don’t forget to rate the show because none of you fuckers have done that yet. I may not have iTunes installed on my machine, but I can still tell. ;)

And if you’ve got any questions for any of us, you can shoot an email over to [email protected] whether it be an email or a voice message or whatever. Just try to keep the voice recordings 5 minutes or less. If it’s good, I’ll definitely use it on the show.

One of these days I’ll migrate the podcast itself over to THIS main site, but I’m entirely too lazy to go through the hassle right now.

Enjoy! And bear in mind, this show is HIGHLY explicit, don’t go whining and bitching at me if your kids find it, or if I offend anyone.

And for those of you who know what this is ... there's some candid "Phoenix" talk ...


RetroforceGO! Podcast Archive

This was the REASON I started listening to podcasts in the first place, and I was very sad to see it go. I’m constantly hearing about people not being able to find the archive of the shows … even though 30 seconds on Google turned up a torrent. So I’ve spent a large amount of time uploading them all right here for you people to easily download. To the best of my knowledge, this is every single episode of RetroforceGO! and is a great listen for anyone who is into retro gaming. The credit goes to whoever originally put up the torrent (which I will have a link to for those who want to take advantage of it) and this particular text file was in it :


Episodes 1-43 and 45-75 provided by craineum of Destructiod forums.
Episodes Zero, 44 and 76-87 provided by odber of Destructoid forums
Episodes 88-100 provided by Destructoid website.
Initial torrent provided by craineum.
Repacked and reissued by Butternine.

If you're downloading this you probably already know what the show's about :)

Special thanks to odber and craineum for providing the majority of episodes and for making this possible.  Thanks!


So yeah, hit the jump for the downloads, there are (technically) over a hundred episodes here and the total size is around 10GB … so bear that in mind. And don’t hesitate to leave a comment about the show, or if there are any dead links and the like (I’m adding these the old fashioned way, so there may be some typos here and there that I will fix as I because aware of them). Just please remember, this is not MY show, I’m merely a fan. :)

*UPDATE* I forgot to add the link to episode 100, so it's there now.
*UPDATE Part 2* For some reason, the episode 59 that was in the torrent wasn't complete. I uploaded the full episode. Thanks to "ptepid" for the link.


Geek Gamer Radio Episode 5 – The Itronix Weezer

Joe was in the studio this time, and they get to talking about what they got on Black Friday, along with some experiences with Best Buy … how 80% of women who play games have a Wii, Infinity Ward’s stupidity and lots of other shtuff. Check it out on iTunes here, or click the picture above to go to the site. kthx


Geek Gamer Radio Episode 004 – There’s a geek for that!


Click the picture to head over to the site to take a listen, or just search for it on iTunes. And bear in mind that they do the show live on Sunday nights at 9PM PST (11PM central) and in the future you may or may not hear me -your favorite blogger- on there from time to time. I may just end up sitting there nodding my head though because that’s something I’m good at.


Geek Gamer Radio Episode 2 : Picz Plz

Head over right here to take have a listen. And click here to subscribe via iTunes. And, rate/comment on the iTunes music store and you may win something neato. If I’m correct you can possibly win Team Fortress 2 on Steam. So it’s definitely in your best interests to leave a comment on the music store. :)


Episode 87 of the ControlF12 podcast is up. “A Camping We Will go!”


You can hit it up right here and if you want a notification of when they do the show live you can find out how on that link right there in that link.


What podcasts do you listen to or watch?

Fairly recently, I think maybe sometime in November of 2008, I finally got on the bandwagon and got a 5th generation 30GB iPod, mostly from dong the math with the usual cheapie MP3 players I usually got and determined that this was the better deal compared to the little 1 and 2GB players. Anyway, when I got it, I already had a ton of music to stick on it which was fine. But I started looking around on the iTunes Music Store for other stuff to listen to, and being that I'm a cheap/poor bastard I immediately started getting sucked into podcasts. Being that I deliver papers during the night, I'm in the car for about 3 to 3 and a half hours a night, so I have lots of time to listen to them.