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Richard Dawkins – The Genesis of Purpose

These are a series of videos that evolutionary biologist (among other things)) Richard Dawkins did back in 1991for the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures for Children talking about the theory of evolution. Still definitely a worthwhile watch. I’ve been streaming them in my car (at great expense to the battery life of my phone it seems) during work. It’s in 5 parts that are about an hour each, but really is a fascinating lecture whether you think that something just appeared and created everything less than 10,000 years ago or that we’ve slowly been evolving over millions of years. The videos are after the jump. Alternatively, you can more than likely use something like that File2HD to download them to your computer so you can watch or listen to them whenever you want.


Evil Dead redone using Clay.

hahaha I love this movie. Maybe someone will have to the patience to do the entire movie one of these days. But they managed to get most of the main parts of the movie in 60 seconds I suppose.


The Complete Computer History Museum Commodore 64 25th Anniversary program

I, unfortuantely, in the early 80's didn't have a Commodore 64 or any of the more capable computers of the time. I had an IBM PC with the green screen display, so I missed out on a lot. But regardless of what kind of computer you had when you were younger whether it be Atari, Spectrum, Commodore, IBM, Apple, whatever ... I'm watching it now and it's a great video.

via Retrogaming Roundup/GameGavel forums


Garrymon - The most bizarre use of the Half-Life 2 engine I’ve ever seen.

This is apparently the first episode of a Pokemon spoof using Gary's Mod. And all I have to say is "What ... the ... hell ..."

Definitely worth a watch though, if nothing else to watch the faces contort into these bizarre positions and, of course, the "GabeDex".


Fan made Final Fight movie trailer

If only this was a real movie. Don’t fuck with the mustache, yo.

I hope they make more of this with fight scenes.

And if you don’t know what Final Fight is, then what are you doing here.  Go get it. It’s out for damn near everything. You can probably find the butchered SNES version on the Wii’s virtual console if that’s your style. And I’ve heard it may be coming to XBLA soon too, or at least a version OF it.

Sure, Streets of Rage was better, but in the end Final Fight has a special place in my black little heart because it was faster paced.

Watch the video, and then go play it. I’m sure if you’re a cheap bastard you can snag an emulator somewhere.

via Destructoid


Wicked Quake Live frag video

I wish I was anywhere near this good.

Quake Live … not QUITE as good as it’s originator Quake 3 Arena (I miss slamming someone with a Rocket Launcher and seeing them explode in a cloud of blood.) but it’s free. So who am I to complain. Except that my favorite arena doesn’t run worth a damn on my netbook in Quake Live. Luckily it runs beautifully in the old reliable Quake 3 Arena. :) But yeah, check this video out.


Oldschool Quake 3 Arena Frag video. Let’s see Master Chief do this.

Quake 3 Arena. That with Unreal Tournament are they only great online experiences out there. Left 4 Dead is awesome in it’s own right, but is a completely different beast. Free for All forever. And Rocket Arena is some of the best times I’ve ever had in gaming. My preferred Rocket Arena is from the original Quake though.

The rocket launcher in Quake has had a bit of a history, at least in the first 3 games. It was immensely powerful in the first game, and even a mildly experienced player could dominate if he or she got ahold of that thing. If Quake 2, they dialed down the power significantly and made it almost completely useless. But in Quake 3 Arena, they perfected it. And still remains to this day my favorite version of this particular weapon, with the Unreal Tournament version coming in an extremely close second.

Long live the king.


First footage of Matt Hazzard : Blood Bath & Beyond for XBLA and PSN

I actually like the first game that came out on the 360 called Eat Lead (even though the sniper parts of the game are infuriating and there’s some weird issues with the control). But I love the overall story and the made up back story for the character. So I can’t wait to play this. The sense of humor behind the two games are great and one of the reasons I put up with the crap sniper levels in Eat Lead.


Unreal Tournament Vs Halo : You’ve Been Served

Yeah. That’s right bitches. Unreal Tournament forever. Halo’s got nothin’ on Unreal Tournament for me. Unreal Tournament = fun. Halo = slow paced crap with 10 year olds calling everyone every name in the book. Case closed.


It Came from Netflix - Deadgirl

DeadGirlI'm all the time going through the Netflix Instant Watch on the Xbox 360 for stuff to watch, I probably have a queue that's the better part of a hundred movies.  I originally saw the boxart to this (which is a little different than what's shown) and thought "Ok, maybe it'll be a Ju-on style movie ..." because I love those movies. I couldn't have been more wrong, though that isn't a bad thing.