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Zombie Highway for the iPhone

There is a full review of this game up on TouchArcade, so I’ll let you go there for more information about it and what they think. Something that, as of this writing I haven’t personally read. Not that I don’t value and respect their opinion … I could just care less about game reviews personally. I only care about what *I* think of a game.

But with my recently obtaining an Android Eris cell phone, I use it for all my MP3 playing needs since I’ve always got the phone on me anyway, so my little second generation iPod Touch is used exclusively for gaming now. And this is one of the games that kind of caught my eye.

Anyone remember the excellent film Zombie Land? This game, judging from the video anyway, kind of feels like that to me. That … and a little bit of 2004’s Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later mixed in. You’re just driving down this empty stretch of road (that doesn’t seem to have any turns on it) avoiding the wrecked vehicles. But occasionally, there are zombies off to the side that jump onto the side of your SUV and you have to either knock them off or shoot them off.

Now, just judging from the video, I’m wondering about the replayability. And the graphics don’t look all that great, but these are just initial impressions having not played it yet. At only $0.99, I may give it a go one of these days.


My history with the Atari 2600

2600boxWhen I get bored of a particular console, I tend to go back in time. That, and I have a rather extreme form of ADD so I’m CONSTANTLY picking up new games and gadgets. As I’ve said before, I’m on a PS2 kick. But then I got this little device. It’s the Atari Flashback 2. Now I’m not going to get into the hardware itself too much just because it’s been out for a while, and if you’re reading this you already know what it is. For those of you who don’t know, this thing is basically a reproduction Atari 2600 sans the cartridge slot (which can be added by someone who is comfortable with a soldering iron). It’s about 2/3 the size of the original system, and instead of switches for things like the power and reset, it has big ugly orange buttons … which is my only big beef with it.


Isagolas – an upcoming XBLIG SHMUP

Checked my email when I got home, and behold, a game that sits within one of my favorite genres : the SHMUP. I have no idea where they keep getting these bizarre titles, but oh well. It seems to fit the genre. Of course, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume there isn’t going to be Xbox Live support because these games NEVER seem to support it. Which is an unfortunate shame, because games like this would be PERFECT over Xbox Live. BUT … here’s a little bit of info behind the game :

The human race is in danger! The Solar System will be your battlefield, only you can stop the alien forces that are trying to exterminate our species.

Join the Humanity Defense Force as Crow, the pilot of the new starship prototypeIsagoras-001 together with captain Crozier and lead the battle for survival.

Red Circle Studio presents Isagoras, a 2.5D shoot’em up that brings new ideas to the classic arcade gameplay and next-gen graphics.

  • Use the energy cannons, the high-density laser cannon and the slow-time generator of the Isagoras to destroy the alien army.
  • 2 player mode: join forces together with another friend at any time while you are playing and fuse your Isagoras ships to obtain extra power and finish the final bosses.
  • 5 levels spanning across the Solar System, from planet Earth to Jupiter’s moons…
  • 2D gameplay, 3D graphics.
  • Help the HDF to save the remains of the human species.

Now I’ll be perfectly honest in this … purely going by the video having not played it ... I’m not that impressed with the graphics and the music is irritating as hell. BUT if the gameplay holds up those are minor problems. I mean, hell, look at Decimation X. The graphics in that are pure crap (though the music is wicked) but it’s the gameplay that holds that game together and puts it up there as one of the best games of it’s type on the marketplace PERIOD.

But hit the jump to see some screenshots and a gameplay video of Isagora in action and make your own first impressions.


Mary-Kate Olsen being insultingly cute in Marie Claire

mary-kate-0910-3-de Say what you want about my thing for the Olsen girls, I don’t have to care. They’re gorgeous and I think it’d take a hell of a lot to make me think differently. One thing I’ve always wondered … what do they think of Bob Saget’s stand up comedy. If you listen to Geek Gamer Weekly when I’m on there, there’s rarely an episode that goes by where I don’t mention him. Because he’s one of the best comedians I’ve ever heard. And on a somewhat related note, the last episode we did an interview with the ex-host of 1 Vs 100 on the Xbox 360 Chris Cashman. Really cool guy and definitely worth a listen.

Anyway, back to these pictures. I dig ‘em. That’s all that needs to be said. And there’s also an interview that goes along with it right here. Go there for the interview, or just hit the jump for some stunning pictures. They both really need to do stuff like this more often for my benefit.


Avril Lavigne at the beach.

avril-lavigne-ocean-nippleslip-02 The beach, the ocean, whatever it is. I don't really care since I'm not a swimmer. But it's about time we got some pictures like this. And there's an added bonus in there in the form of a slight mishap. My one question though ... who in the hell swims with a hat on? Seriously. Oh well, no sense in dwelling on the pointless.  Kudos goes to Egotastic! for this one.


Halo 2600 was released at the Classic Gaming Expo

Halo_title Who says the Atari 2600 is dead. Now … I’ll admit. I’m not a Halo fan. I personally think the game is slow paced and rather boring. But I do like what other people come with in a game. Despite the fact that this is an Atari 2600 game, and the developer limited himself to using 4K of space. So no bankswitching or any of those things to provide more space. He has managed to create an extremely playable and fun game. And even the enemies are recognizable, and of course, Master Chief is instantly recognizable his his pixelated forrm. The graphics (by Atari 2600 standards of course) are extremely good, the sound is what you would expect from the system, and the control is perfect. If you’ve ever played Berzerk, it plays a lot like that. Only you can’t shoot diagonally. Here’s a little excerpt from his thinking behind the game (you can read the quite long post via the link) :