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Super Mario Bros on an 8×8 RGB LED

It's still in the extremely early stages, but I'm definitely interested in seeing how this goes. And hopefully once it gets a little further along the guy releases the code for the game itself, because this looks like it'd be pretty fuckin' cool. You can check out the rest of the article right here.

But yeah, I would definitely be into trying to build something like this, though I would have to get someone else to do the soldering because I can't keep my hands steady enough to reliably do it myself. Either way, pretty cool stuff and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

It looks like one of those old school LED handheld games, only on a hell of a lot of steroids. That reminds me, I've gotta get some of those. I remember loving them when I was a kid. Either way, check out the video.


Creepy craigslist ad for a female Gamestop employee

Here's a link directly to the ad itself : GameStop Girl, I want to kill robotic zombie terrorists with you - m4w ... which yes, I'm well aware that it's old as dirt. But it's still funny and creepy at the same time.

It kind of make me think about an absurdly cute girl that either works or used to work at my local gamestop and the kind of shit she gets from some of the guys that go in there.

But yeah, here's the ad.

Dearest GameStop Girl,

When I walked into your store that fateful Tuesday, I expected only to find a smattering of half-decent titles tucked back there amongst the used 360 games. Instead I found you, surrounded by a beam of light, halfway between Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty 3. Your gorgeous dark hair was radiant in contrast with the rainbow of colors on the deluxe Bioshock behind you. The Game of the Year held no interest for me when I saw you look up and smile, even though both could hold me in Rapture.

You commanded the register when it was my turn to check out with the Orange Box. Yes, I was finally getting to play Portal. Lucky me, you said with the cutest smile. Lucky me, I thought, and then knew you had the Portal to my heart. I could care less if the cake is a lie, I'd still want to share it with you.

Oh GameStop Girl, how you make my heart meter skip a beat. If you were being held captive in a mountain fortress by a ruthless mutant mafia gangboss and I had to fight my way through 16 levels of fire-breathing undead ninjas with swords the size of small ponies, I would find a way, even if, after every level, a small man continued to taunt me by saying that you were in another castle. EVEN IF.

So, yes, GameStop Girl, I want to kill robotic zombie terrorists with you. You can even have the deluxe shotgun with explosive scattershot. I'll just use this knife over here. I'll do anything for you, just for the small, slightest chance that someday - someday - you and me could be a Wii.


Amanda Bynes is finally starting to show what she’s really got.

AMANDA-BYNES-TOPLESS For years now we’ve gotten mainly just red carpet outfits and whatnot, and a few friendlier photo shoots. But she finally drops all that for the most recent issue of Maxim.

Now all I can really say is that I hope there’s more like this in the future. She’s one of the few women I’ve ever seen in Maxim shoots that doesn’t look like they’re trying so damn hard.

She just looks like she normally does, only a hell of a lot hotter.

Of course, when it initially happened and she got ahold of the finished product, she was gushing to Twitter almost endlessly about it at the time.

I didn’t really know much about it until I actually got the issue in the mail. She definitely doesn’t have the Nickelodeon image anymore. Just hit the jump.


Michelle Trachtenberg just got a whole lot better.

michelle-trachtenberg-complex-09 I know there have been previous shoots,  but not a whole lot quite like this. Unfortunately, there looks like there’s a lot of unneeded photoshopping going on here. I’d be interested to see if there are any outtakes from this one.

To be perfectly honest, the only movie I really remember her from is Eurotrip … how the characters in that movie never noticed her aside from being “one of the guys” until near the end is beyond me. But oh well, movies like that aren’t known for their deep plots or good writing.

Either way, this shoot is definitely a welcome change of pace from the norm. Maybe they’ll get even more interesting in the future.

Hit the jump for all the rest of them.


Xbox Live Indie Game Review – You Will Die

xboxboxart This game is fucking cruel. It’s evil, and it’s quite possibly one of the hardest games in the Indie Games section. It doesn’t screw around. You have one weapon, one life, a shield that hacks away at your score (which is the ultimate point of the game) and no apologies. Most people I’ve seen who play this (including me. Hey, I never said I was good at these games) can’t get past about level 3 or 4. Out of, from what I understand, 32 total levels.

So it’s definitely appropriately titled. It doesn’t matter how good you are, you WILL eventually die.

That doesn’t mean it’s any good though, now does it. We’re going to have to make that determination as we go … well … more like I’ve already made my decision and you’ll just have to read on and see.


Xbox Live Indie Game Review – Home Run Challenge

xboxboxart Pretty much the only reason I got this is because I hadn’t played a baseball game in a good 20 years and it looked interesting. Barker’s Crest is known for their earlier titles like Easy Golf and Avatar Golf. Both are awesome games that even people who hate golf should play. This on the other hand isn’t anywhere near as good.

In fact, to be perfectly honest, it’s fucking boring. But it’s not without it’s good points.

It looks GREAT, it’s accessible and easy to play, there are global high scores.

And it definitely makes very good use of the Xbox 360 avatars. In fact, it’s one of the best uses of them I’ve seen out of the system period. But that’s about it.


Pokemon are evil!!!

Apparently Pokemon are teaching our children witchcraft. Yes, that's what this guy is saying. He's preaching against EVERYTHING from Pokemon (mostly) to movies to the internet. And the funniest part is, there are actually morons in the audience nodding in agreement. Even though this guy has only ever HEARD of Pokemon and has probably never seen the show or played the games.

But I seriously doubt that would matter to this religious nutjob. Apparently, according to this guy if my 8 year old daughter plays Pokemon she's going to end up attempting to conjure up demons or become a Satanist or something. Or playing Pokemon and grabbing a .45 and blowing the kids at school away. I'm surprised he wasn't trying to take a stab at Pac-Man or Super Mario Bros (even though I think all those Goombas might have something to say about Mario).

The government never playing this stuff and just going by Youtube videos or ... even worse HEARING about this stuff is bad enough, but religion as well? Beliefs being what they are, believe whatever you want. I personally don't care.

I just know that my kid's gonna be one hell of killer when she gets older from playing Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man and Pokemon when she gets older with all this training she has. Considering Mario and Sonic are all about jumping and/or going fast maybe all that training will make her a good sports player or something instead of a killer.

Nutjobs. Plain and simple.

If I had the means to do it I'd get all the neighborhood kids together, give them all super soakers and get them into the mall. Tell them to go nuts and record it after letting them all play Chex Quest or something like that. Send the video to this moron.

People, it isn't up to government or religion to tell us OR our kids what they can and can't play or watch. It's up to us as parents. Yes, I am well aware that some parents let their 8 and 9 year olds play Grand Theft Auto or Left 4 Dead 2 (unless you're in Australia, then it's okay for that game). Me personally? She won't touch those games. Those games are rated M for a reason. They are for mature audiences. Not kids.

Seeing stuff like this is really making me wonder why I let her go to church.

Video via Destructoid

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Zoe Saldana. Need I say more?

Zoe Saldana, tragically, I’d NEVER heard of her before the Star Trek movie … I wish to everything that’s holy I had because it’s pretty damn hard to get better than this. More pictures after the jump, and they’re slightly not safe for work. Good, bad, it’s up to you, I don’t want to hear it if you get into trouble from a boss who doesn’t like gorgeous women.


Emma Watson keeps getting better and better.

emma-watson-jan-06 These are outtakes from a photoshoot for some magazine that I’ve never heard of nor will I probably ever read. But regardless of that, this chick keeps getting better and better and really makes me wonder why I don’t watch the newer Harry Potter movies.

Granted, I’m not really for the “trashy” makeup job, but still. I’m all for the fact that she gets more and more racy with each shoot.

Below are more. Thanks to Popaholic.

emma-watson-jan-02 emma-watson-jan-03 emma-watson-jan-04 emma-watson-jan-05 emma-watson-jan-06


A new NBA Jam game coming to the Wii has me a little worried.

nba-jam-hes-on-fire See that screenshot there? Those are my memories of NBA Jam … just insanely fast paced 2 on 2 basketball that I would play the shit out of in the arcade. Sometime this year there’s going to be one coming to the Wii. As one may fear, it supports motion control. But from what I read on Kotaku, you can also turn the remote sideways and just use the directional pad and use it as … well … a real controller.

I don’t play many sports games, after a 20 year hiatus I finally picked up a baseball game (The Bigs for the PS2 and The Bigs 2 for the 360 if you’re wondering). But I do like to play the arcadey titles. And NBA Jam definitely fits into that. I STILL own both the original and Tournament Edition for the Sega Genesis, and I still pop them in from time to time to see those tiny, grainy graphics and muffled grainy voices. But since Tournament Edition, the series hasn’t just gone down hill … it’s plummeted face first into a bed of spikes.