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Miley Cyrus goes shopping.

Miley Cyrus - braless shopping In Calabasas-10Yeah, it’s pretty slow here.

But when someone is stupid enough to go out in public like this, when they know damned good and well people with cameras are following them around, it’s a benefit to us.

Thankfully, she hasn’t seemed to want to follow the Disney thing for a long, long time.

I’m slightly more interested in seeing what she looks like in 5 to 6 years, though. Because she’s still fairly young, I wonder if it’s going to stick.

We’ll just have to see. Hit up the jump if you want to see more. This picture here ought to give you a hint as to what is beyond.


Emma Watson on the set of “Bling Ring”… Damn.

Emma Watson Gets Busy Bling Ring Set v8K5HdjuALFlFINALLY she ditched the short hair. And she’s all the better for it. Personally, I see her getting better and better with age.

I don’t know anything about the movie “Bling Ring”… I’ve never heard of it until now. But I have a feeling I may be checking it out once it comes out on DVD or something. And I'm trying out a new way to put the pictures on the posts... if you don't like it... I don't know what to tell you. :)

Unless you count my computer monitor of course, which is put to good use right now. But that doesn’t matter here. What matters here is that she keeps getting hotter and hotter as time goes on.

But yeah, there’s a lot of pictures to this, thanks to site like Egotastic! and The Superficial for the heads up this.


Milla Jovovich in FHM Australia

Milla-Jovovich-Nude-Photoshoot-For-Maxim-Australia-March-2012-02Now, if you’ve actually read anything that’s on this site, you know I’m not into the whole “women with short hair” thing. Never have been into, never will.

That being said, Milla has thankfully been letting it grow out lately, and it almost makes me want to believe in God. Almost. Hopefully she sticks with it, maybe it’s in the “in thing” or whatever for fashion to have long hair again.

If it is, you’re asking the wrong person.

And it also almost makes me want to subscribe to the Australian version of this magazine… or at least the American version. Is it just me or is she actually getting better as the years go by. Remember when she played a French chick that kept stealing all of Kelly’s boyfriends in Married… with Children?

Is it sad that I remember that? Kudos to Egotastic! for the heads up on this.


Taylor Swift goes out without makeup… why should you care?

SPL365454_002Normally I don’t understand the whole fascination with actresses/singers/whoever going outdoors without makeup. Maybe that’s just me, I’ve no idea.

But in my posting this, the reason you should care is exactly what I’ve said before about this woman: she CAN’T be human.

In saying that, I think it’d be a bit strange to stand next to her… I think I remember reading somewhere she stands either 5’10” or 5’11” without heels. I stand at a mere 5’8”.

Yeah, ladies. Natures gift to women is posting right here.

Getting back to this, she did voicework for the upcoming cartoon “Dr. Suess: The Lorax” or some such thing. I don’t know really since I’ve only ever read the book. Unfortunately, there are no other pictures that I know of to go with this, so there won’t be any small galleries at the bottom of this post.

Deal with it.


Emma Watson at the pre-Bafta 2012 party.

emma-watson-pbafta17-635x995I don’t even know what the hell Bafta is to be honest. I’m sure I could find out after a few seconds of research, but that won’t help me much. All I care about is that the short haired, very leggy Emma Watson was there, and I don’t think anyone told her just how transparent that dress actually is.

But, regardless of the short hair this is a plus for anyone who’s the least bit interested.

Maybe I should go and watch those newer Harry Potter movies one of these days. Back when she had her long hair.

But regardless of that, hit up the jump. And they’ll obviously be added to the gallery on the right.


Avril Lavigne in FHM Australia

Avril-Lavigne-FHM-Australia-1Well, I thought I would put this up regardless because I think it’s pretty damn cool. I still could honestly care less about her music, but none of that matters when she’s willing to do photoshoots like this.

Now, yes, I know that FHM is just Playboy for teenagers.

I’ve never really seen her much as a “Tom Boy” personally, though. Hell, I can’t even count against her for being Canadian. Maybe I should actually read the articles one of these days.

But I don’t get the magazine, I honestly don’t care enough to get the magazine. Maybe when I get another Kindle Fire I’ll actually subscribe to it, though. We’ll just have to see. Hit the jump for the rest of the pictures.


Perfect Dark … would you believe it came out May 22nd, 2000.


I didn't even know about any of this. I knew the game came out in 2000, but I didn't know it was this soon. And with all the rapture nonsense going on today, this historic game is unfortunately lost to a lot of people. So rather than lament about the game that I didn't play all that often back in the day (sorry console kids, I was too heavily invested in playing games on the PC and emulation at the time) I'll leave those memories up to you. And no, that awkward Xbox 360 outing doesn't count. The version of Joanna Dark ... while impressive ... doesn't match up to the original.

And another thing, apparently the model Michele Merkin portrayed her at one point. I would've voted for Milla Joovovich personally because this Michele woman doesn't quite cut it for me. But there's a few Maxim shots of her in here because she's still damned impressive. Hell, she even got a spot in the Retro Gaming Roundup show as one of the Top 10 Hottest Video Game Babes for this month.

For those of you who for whatever reason haven't played this excellent shooter, it can be found on the Xbox Live Arcade for a small price. And if you want it to look like the Nintendo 64 version is fairly easy. Just get out your old composite cables that came with your system, hook it up THAT way ... then spit on your screen and smear it around. Unfortunately, due to the fact that this game pushed the Nintendo 64 WELL beyond it's limits, there's not a whole lot you can do to cut the frame rate by 1/3.

And be sure to play it multiplayer as well, because that's where it really shines.

And if you're worried about the rapture, don't worry. It's not going to happen. Hit the jump for a smattering of pictures that I find interesting regarding this kick-ass female video game lead.


Lindsay Lohan at the Downtown Women’s Center in LA

LindsayLohan-see-thru-Downtown-Womens-Center-LA-5This is what weirds me out about her doing jail time and community service and whatnot. If it was anyone other than Lindsay Lohan, like, the chick that you know that lives down the street from you, who would give a shit? I mean … seriously.

But here’s some great pictures that one of those bored paparazzi guys took, and I must admit there’s some appeal here.

Now if only she’d do this more often and give them a heads up so they know when and where to take these and whether or not they need flash bulbs.

Kudos to TheCelebPic. Hit the jump for more, slightly not safe for work.


Random Ashley Olsen pictures. Because I can.

ashley-olsen-for-fashion-magazine-sept-2010-270610-6-640x480These are from Fashion Magazine from October 2010. The year I turned 29. Have I ever read this magazine? No. I don’t think I’ve actually read a magazine other than an article here and there since the 90’s … back when people actually did read them. I know absolutely nothing about fashion except for what a few people around me tell me of Lady GaGa … which is a fucking joke. All I know about fashion is, depending on the woman : the less (or tighter) the better. So enjoy this random post.

The other random things will come back soon, I’ve just got to get out of my writer’s block slump that I’ve been stuck in for quite some time now. All kinds of neat things are happening out there that I want to rant about. Which I do to some extent in the podcast … hopefully a new episode of that will come soon now that my area is somewhat less likely to get slammed by a tornado. Hit the jump for the rest of the pictures. Maybe someday the people who have access to write on this site will do something a little more often than I do. Winking smile


Hey there, you want a Anne Hathaway gallery?

Well, I've got one for you. And if she keeps up the stunning photoshoots and movies, there will definitely be more. Huge props to Egotastic! for some of the pictures.

Anne Hathaway

Disney princess to REAL actor. A lot of people gave her crap because she showed up in topless scenes after the Disney movies. Her response? "I'm an actor. I act." ... maybe not word for word, but that pretty much sums up what she said. Any way you put it, this woman is stunning.

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