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I decided to make this site just because I can basically. Back when I actually used and gave a shit about Myspace, I would put up bulletins of shit I found in my travels throughout the web. And I added a monstrous amount of pictures. But I got tired of Myspace and their limits. So I cancelled my account (only to make it again so keep track of the few friends who swear by it I have). Then I got this domain one day out of a whim. And decided to make a site where I could put up whatever I wanted without any limits. So you're going to find everything from movie and game reviews (mostly from the Xbox 360's Indie Games section, but occasionally a retail game), videos, pictures (as evidenced by the pictures section), celebrity gossip and whatever else that grabs the writers' interest.

Obviously it's grown quite a bit more since I originally typed that back in September of 2009 ... tons of reviews of Xbox Live Indie Games, some retail games of course and Xbox Live Arcade. Downloads of classic PC and console games where applicable, thousands of celebrity pictures and a brand spanking new podcast with myself (David Miller ... otherwise known as Dhalamar), Josh Campos, Justin Smith and whoever else we can stick in there. Naturally named The Wasted Seconds Podcast. You can click the link to get more information on that because it's kind of it's own beast.

As of right now, the writers are just Josh (Rapture) and I. Hopefully more to come in the future.

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