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What podcasts do you listen to or watch?

Fairly recently, I think maybe sometime in November of 2008, I finally got on the bandwagon and got a 5th generation 30GB iPod, mostly from dong the math with the usual cheapie MP3 players I usually got and determined that this was the better deal compared to the little 1 and 2GB players. Anyway, when I got it, I already had a ton of music to stick on it which was fine. But I started looking around on the iTunes Music Store for other stuff to listen to, and being that I'm a cheap/poor bastard I immediately started getting sucked into podcasts. Being that I deliver papers during the night, I'm in the car for about 3 to 3 and a half hours a night, so I have lots of time to listen to them.


Legends of Murder Vol. 1 : Stonedal Castle

I remember playing this when I was younger ... and I'm going to eventually pick it up again. I do remember liking the game, despite the fact that it's got quite possibly the ugliest graphics on the face of the Earth. But it plays like a text adventure, which I find admirable because even though I've never been any good at them I still like them. Some more info after the jump.


The way people pronounce things annoy the hell out of me sometimes.

I'm only going to go into a few of them here, so no biggie. Ever heard someone refer to an .ISO file as "eye-sow"? Or when someone tells you a URL they say "wub-wub-wub, dot whatever dot com"? How about when people talk about the GUI for, say, Linux, Windows or Mac OS, or ANYTHING that has a "Graphical User Interface". Some people say "Goo-ee".


My review of Ghostbusters : The Video Game for the 360

Ah the Ghostbusters. I've been a fan of these guys for as long as I can remember. I used to be one of those kids who owned the plastic proton pack with that weird foam "stream", the PKE meter and not to mention the trap. If I remember correctly, the trap opened up via air when you stomped on the ... uh ... stomper. Before I got those packs, I'd get a hammer with a chunk out of a bike inner tube attached to a backpack full of whatever I could find and use my imagination.


Anyone remember cassette tapes?

Occasionally I'll go up to Goodwill and look for neato games that I may have missed at some point, didn't see any video game stuff there though this time. But I passed by the tape section, and out of the corner of my eye saw Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine. Then started scanning through them a little more and saw Broken by the same "band". Ended up walking out with the following for 50 cents apiece heh :