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Gaming outside my realm.

If you've ever talked to me, you know I'm not a big fan of physics games ... which makes me reviewing job a little difficult at times because guess what a chunk of these indie games for the 360 are. :) But regardless of whether or not I like the idea behind a game, I still like to give them a fair shot.

But this isn't really about a review. I was on episode 17 of the Geek Gamer Radio podcast, and they have a little segment called "Games Outside Your Realm". The whole point behind it is to play a game throughout the week that you normally wouldn't play.

My "assignment" was Trials HD on the Xbox 360. Now, this is a bit weird for me because I have indeed played it, though not that long. The same thing with the PC version. Now, for the sake of an internet podcast I'm going to give the game a fair shake, almost like I was actually reviewing it.

I've HEARD a lot about the game from various other podcasts, who mostly agree that the game is fun as hell for a while, then it kinda burns out after a while. Now, I have a feeling that it won't get too burned out for me because I'm going to more than likely just be playing the trial due to the fact I'm completely assed broke at the moment.

But I'm sure a lot of you have played this game. I know that damn near everyone on my Xbox Live friends list has played it in some form or another. What should I expect from this? And what are the differences between the Xbox 360 version and the PC other than of course the HD graphics? I'm sure they play identically.

Yeah, I'm kinda cheating here asking people about it. But given the fact that I only get 700 to 1,000 hits a day on this little corner of the web with hardly ANY of you people commenting I don't think I'm going to get much here. ;)

But yeah, starting today I'm going to give the game a fair shake all week long. Whether or not I lose a controller in the process from what little I've played in the past of both the console version and the PC version has yet to be seen.

Hell, maybe I'll end up loving it. Who knows. God knows I play enough of these brutally punishing games.


Geek Gamer Radio Episode 10 – 10 for 2010

We get to talking about what we’re looking forward to for 2010 (yeah, you get to hear my sarcastic ass-ish voice again on there) of which my list is fairly small. :) Modern Warfare 2, Left 4 Dead, a contest that is going on that is up on February 28th, a retard killing a kid over a Tony Hawk video game and a lot more. Also, GGR is now part of the TechPodcasts network of … well … podcasts. And I think it’s one of the few gaming related shows on there, so go and check that out as well because there’s a ton of different shows on there going over a wide range of different tech related topics. But if you wanna listen to GGR, just head over to the site and subscribe using whatever MP3 listening device you use, and you can also go there to listen live at around 11pm Central Time … such is the reason for my sounding so out of it when I’m there from time to time. :)


Geek Gamer Radio Episode 8 – Fap Fap Fap

Avatar, Serious Sam 3, Pystar, Diablo 2, iPhone reception, DRM, Operation Chokehold and other stuff. Including me and the awkward half second of silence that ensues when I bash slow paced militiristic shooters. ;) Unfortunately I was on my cell phone, so I sound like I’m holed up in a bunker talking through a shitty CB radio, but hey.

And I haven’t had a hell of a lot of gaming time on my 360 OR the PC for that matter … been holed up in bed playing games on my iPod Touch. Such is the reason for the reviews of games on there. And I’m still not done, still gotta finish Modern Combat : Sandstorm. Stuck on mission 8. It’s like a shooting gallery from hell. Although I did pick up the original Xbox version of Call of Duty 3 for 5 bucks and have been playing that tonight. I actually like it better than CoD 4 … even though it’s all extremely scripted it just doesn’t feel as slow paced and RIDICULOUSLY boring. I still don’t see what people got out of the single player part of CoD 4 … it’s about as exciting as watching paint dry. I’m having to force myself to play it just to see what all the fuss was about.

But yeah, speaking of iPods, assuming you have one you can find GGR on iTunes by clicking right here. If you don’t you can hit up the site and use whatever podcatcher you use. And of course, if you leave a rating and a review on iTunes you’re registered to win free stuff … like Team Fortress 2.

Now I’m off to find me a USB headset that won’t cost me my fucking kidney.


Geek Gamer Radio Episode 7 – Screw that shit in!

Talking about the 2009 Video Game Awards (that I personally missed because I completely forgot they were even going on), a little on how Infuckery Ward is dangling a carrot and how every video game out nowadays seems to be a sequel to something. You can click the picture to go to the site, or just click right here if you have iTunes and subscribe to it there. The episodes usually go up the same night they’re done live. But it’s always best to hit up the live show to me for the pre and post show banter that usually goes on. :) Either way, give it a listen. And, assuming my internet connection doesn’t crap out on me like it did today you might hear your favorite anti social blogger on there next week. Who knows.


Geek Gamer Radio Episode 5 – The Itronix Weezer

Joe was in the studio this time, and they get to talking about what they got on Black Friday, along with some experiences with Best Buy … how 80% of women who play games have a Wii, Infinity Ward’s stupidity and lots of other shtuff. Check it out on iTunes here, or click the picture above to go to the site. kthx


Geek Gamer Radio Episode 004 – There’s a geek for that!


Click the picture to head over to the site to take a listen, or just search for it on iTunes. And bear in mind that they do the show live on Sunday nights at 9PM PST (11PM central) and in the future you may or may not hear me -your favorite blogger- on there from time to time. I may just end up sitting there nodding my head though because that’s something I’m good at.


Geek Gamer Radio Episode 3 – Take Two


After a bit of a computer problem Sunday night, here’s episode three. You can either get it by clicking the image above, or just by searching for it on iTunes. Being that I was still asleep for most of the show due to being sick, I’m going to be listening to it in the car tonight. :)

Yeah, unfortunately, unless I’m near death I still have to work. It’s always fun.


Control F12 episode 90 – Final Edition


That’s right. It’s the final episode of the Control F12 podcast. You can either hit it up on iTunes, or listen to it right here. But … a new one will take it’s place called Geek Gamer Radio. Here’s a word about it from Chase, the main host :

Hey Everyone,

I would like to personally welcome you to our new netcast on the interwebs called “geek.gamer.radio”, the show all you geeks and gamers in the world.   We know there are A LOT of people out there who like to chat and talk about their favorite gadget, or game they just beat, and they have a bazillion years of experience in doing it.  They could be biased, getting paid off, or really not giving a clear thought of what they are talking about.

The purpose of this site and show is to bring to you, “the geek and/or gamer” an unbiased, fresh look at everything we love.  We have no previous experience other then starting to game and love technology when we were little.  Were just fellow peeps who have gotten tired of OTHER people tell us what is cool and not cool.  Well, no more.

Personally, we do this for you….to share with us our love of geeking out and gaming it up….and that is why this is here.

If you are a former listener of Control F12 or Hoser Chat, we would like to personally welcome you as well.  We know we had faithful listeners of those shows and I personally know that it is hard to make changes, but we have a lot more in store then what we had on the old shows.

Well, enough talking…..time to get started.

The first show will not be for a while as we are getting the site ready, adding new features, and making finishing touches.  In the mean time, please leave us a comment below, tell US what you would like to see, hear and read.

Till the first show,



And to end the very last show, some people who were in the chat got ahold of tokens for the XBLA game Zombie Apocalypse and the Xbox Live Indie Games IncaBlocks, Halfbrick Rocket Racing, Halfbrick Blastoff, Halfbrick Echoes and Echoes+ thanks to yours truly. Hit the jump for something that may interest you.