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Negative Gamer’s How to Make a Good Video Game Blog video series

Thought about making a video game blog? Well, Wardrox over at Negative Gamer has put together some videos detailing how you can do that. And you can really apply his tips to ANY kind of site that is based on a specific subject. And if by some strange chance you haven’t heard of the site, don’t judge the videos by the name of the site because it’s not anywhere near as insulting as you’d think it is and he’s actually very helpful.

And it’s actually making me really regret picking Godaddy for my hosting. ;) Regardless of any of that, go and check it out right here. Right now he’s on his third video, and they’re only about 10 minutes apiece.

Makes me wonder what's coming up in the future videos to be honest, because I'm paying attention. Wasted Seconds isn't specifically a video game site, it's more of a general interest deal. Just I'm the one who does the majority of the writing, and my interests happen to be video games.