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Hayley Williams had a Twitter mishap recently.

I had never even heard of this girl before ... so I guess if all the typical internet stuff is right I've officially heard of Paramore now. She says her account got hacked ... I just think she screwed up sending her boyfriend a direct message or something. Not everything has to be some kind of weird conspiracy. If her name was Hayley Morningglow or something no one would care ... well ... okay, with a picture like that there would definitely be people out there who care, but you get my point.

She has a good voice from the few Paramore videos I've seen since the other day, just needs to grow out of that retarded "dye your hair every color under the sun" phase. But damn, I have to say this picture is impressive. Not enough for me to go out and buy a Paramore album of course, but still. God damn this chick surprised me. Hit the jump. Definitely not safe for work.


XBLIG Review - meds

xboxboxart This one actually took me a bit to get into because I didn't know quite what to make of it. Hell, I've played a little more of it and I STILL don't quite know what to make of it. It's both terrible and oddly good. So I'll let the developer's description do it :

Meds is a terrifying reimaging of classic oldschool breakout...on drugs. The goal is simple: break all the bricks on screen to clear a level and advance. However, a new ingredient to the old mix is our 'Withdrawal Bar'! As it depletes, the player experiences extreme hallucinations..anything from the screen shaking to seeing astronauts and unicorns! All the while, these effects are randomly generated, so no 2 levels will ever be the same! The game features 50 unique levels, local multiplayer, and 10 different pill powerups!


Xbox Live Indie Game Trial Impression – Project Zero

xboxboxart I’m not going to get in depth with the trial impressions anymore, because I don’t see trial impressions as actual reviews. I see them as a first impression of the game since they only last 8 minutes.

On that note, this game surprised me. I downloaded it expecting it to be utterly HORRIBLE based solely on the screenshots. It just looked like another dual stick shooter to me (which, in it’s most basic sense, it is) and I’m getting bloody sick of dual stick shooters.

The cover art for this game obviously isn’t all that great. It does not represent the game at all. It looks like it was just slapped together at the last minute to get the thing out there.

But I’m not one to completely judge a game by it’s cover art. In fact, I’m the total opposite because the crappier the cover art the more likely I am to try the game just to see how horrible it really is.


Xbox Live Indie Game Review – Avatar Racedrome

xboxboxart Yet another avatar game. But this time it’s a racing game that’s surprisingly good. Avatar Racedrome is a little 80 point game that, while a little limited, provides a great casual racing experience in a small package.

You get 16 reversible tracks, 2 player split screen play, up to 8 players over Xbox Live and your choice between a single race or a Championship mode.

Now, other than a practice mode, that’s really all you get, and don’t be expected a Forza here. It doesn’t even try to be like that thankfully. If it was trying to be like Forza, being that it has the avatars it would fail miserably.

Let’s get into this sucker though and try to pretend you really care what I think.


Save the Scribbles!!!

Okay, I honestly don’t know ANYTHING about this game other than the fact it’s a tower defense game. As of this moment, I couldn’t care less about the scribbles, but tower defense games are interesting to me. I play them on my iPod Touch to kill time, and there is an obvious love for NextWar : The Quest for Earth. But for the most part, I’m a VERY casual tower defense gamer. I play what it comfortable for me and where I can have fun. All I know about this game is that fact … it’s a tower defense game. With a pretty friggin’ cool art style judging from the video. But it has some other things going for it as well, from the press release.

  • The player can re-position enemy waypoints to their advantage
  • Dynamic waypoints make the game challenging by constantly shifting their position thus changing the path of the enemies
  • Puzzle elements have been infused with the map design, making players think beyond just placing towers by making the playing field more dynamic with pre-placed towers, and interesting tower powers
  • Players are encouraged to move around the battlefield to collect money and power up their towers with their presence

This is definitely one I will at least try when it comes out though … it has some interesting looking gameplay elements to it. And who knows, it could be the game that turns the typical tower defense game on it’s head. Tower defense games aren’t exactly the best way to go on a console like the 360 or the PS3 just because those analog sticks don’t replace a mouse by any stretch. But those analog sticks also potentially add a gameplay element that hasn’t REALLY been explored before … maybe … just maybe this game either hits it or starts an idea.

We’ll just have to see.


Xbox Live Indie Game Review – Avatar Onslaught

xboxboxart I guess I’ve got to get used to the fact that developers seem to think it’s a good idea to put these little avatars into almost EVERYTHING. And this game is no exception. It’s basically Space Invaders only your view is from behind your main character looking on as the avatars advance upon you. Instead of a gun, you throw balloons at them … and they will occasionally do the same.

Now, I’ll fully admit, my aim in this game is garbage. I’m not particularly good at it (much like every other game I play) … but damn is it ever fun.

And I’ll be willing to bet once I can actually AIM correctly that fun will continue. And this is a weird one for me, because I think the avatars are just stupid. Flat out. And I feel sorry for the people who actually spend money on outfits for them.

Now, granted, the outfits would benefit a game like this because how cool would it be to have the Big Daddy from Bioshock throwing water balloons at an oncoming avatar horde. Not that I’m willing to do something like that, but still.


Pinky vs Blocks

xboxboxart Pinky vs Blocks is best described as Tetris meets platformer. Shaped blocks fall from above and you must make them fit in empty spots to create lines, like in Tetris. While at the same time you must rescue a creature named Pinky who is trapped in jail.

Pinky uses his super powers to aid in his escape, which allows him to control the position and rotation of the blocks. The blocks don’t want Pinky to escape so they are doing everything in their power to stop him from escaping. There are 60 levels between Pinky and the jail exit. Another similarity between Pinky & Tetris they both require a certain amount of lines before you are able to move on.

In Pinky’s case completing a certain number of lines opens the door to the next room, but you can only get to the door if you have created a path to the exit for Pinky.


Xbox Live Indie Game Review : Retrofit - Overload

xboxboxart I love me some old school shooters … Galaga, Galaxian, Space Invaders, Millipede, I play them today and have just as much fun as I did when I was a kid. I was a little skeptical of this when I first saw the videos for it, because there honestly isn’t a whole lot to see with this.

Think Galaga or Galaxian, only instead of being limited to moving left and right you can move your ship anywhere you want. That’s basically how this game plays, with the same antiquated single hit kills (though it does have a shield you can use so long as you have enough juice for it) that, while done right, are fine … though unnecessary in today’s games and only serves to suck the fun out of them when they’re not done right.

Surprisingly enough, and THANKFULLY enough … this isn’t yet another dual stick shooter which I found to be a relief as I’m really personally getting sick of seeing them.


My time with the Playstation 3 thus far.

I bought a Playstation 3 about a week ago, and I’ve been playing the thing on and off since then. So I thought I’d throw in my two cents about it with a disclaimer right here. I don’t care about the third party stuff for it to be perfectly honest unless they’re exclusive to the console unless (in the few cases) they’re actually done better on it. Final Fantasy XIII would be one of those cases, but I don’t care that much about RPGs so I highly doubt I’ll ever bother with it, and nothing any of you can throw at me can change my mind on that. I just don’t really like RPGs. I also don’t like stealth games, so Metal Gear Solid 4 is out. And other than casual styled golf games, I don’t really care that much about sports games. Other than that, I’m pretty open.


Xbox Live Indie Game Review – Super Avatar Hero Force

xboxboxart This game is completely different from what I expected from the screenshots. I was expecting a Final Fight or Streets of Rage style brawler with avatar zombies, kittens and giant robots. Yes, those three. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that … it’s much much simpler than that. Not to say that’s a bad thing of course. This is made by UberGeekGames, who are fairly well known for making fairly simplistic games with an over-abundance of features in them that you would never expect to be there. Like online multiplayer Pong for example. Yes, you read that right. Online multiplayer PONG. But this isn’t about that (though you should try “A Game of Tennis”). This is about a weird little game where you beat the hell out of avatar zombies … though you never actually kill them because I don’t think Microsoft would like people killing off hundreds upon thousands of avatars. So you just knock them back, they go home, sleep it off and are fine in the morning.