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After Burner Climax hitting XBLA and PSN in April

AFTER BURNER CLIMAX Now, I haven’t played the arcade version of this. Yes, it was a full sit down arcade cabinet in 2006. But from what I’ve read about this, it’s basically the same old After Burner just with a new coat of paint. Fly through the air, dodge things and blow things up.

That being said, the 1987 arcade version of the game and the ports of it (yeah, even that Sega Genesis port of the game that wasn’t all that great) are some of my favorite games.

I’ll definitely be checking it out when it hits, and if it’s priced right I may just get it. Here’s hoping they release the original eventually though. Hell, I’d even buy the old arcade version on the Wii if they released it. Sure, it won’t have quite the same appeal as a full cabinet. There’s just something lost when you sit there with a controller rather than popping in your money and sitting down at this HUGE arcade cab. But I’ll take what I can get. The screenshots are from the arcade version, and are pretty damn awesome looking.

climax-1 climax-2a climax-5a climax-6a

via Destructoid


XBLIG Review – Pew Pew Pod

xboxboxart (1) Yet another dual stick space shooter in the indie games. And guess what it’s styled after. Yeah … I’m not even going to type the name of the game here because I personally think it’s an overhyped mess. But regardless of that, despite the stupid name of “Pew Pew Pod” it is well done and does a good job of setting itself apart from the other better known shooter of this ilk. Barely.

This is another one of those reviews where I’m going to attempt to review it as objectively as I can, because personally, I despise the game and will never play it again. But that’s not because the game is bad. I’m just sick of dual stick shooters in space. I got sick of them a LONG time ago, and it boggles my mind that people keep making them. But unfortunately, people keep playing them so there’s going to be about a thousand more.

So with that being said, and probably causing the developers to think to themselves “Oh God …” let’s get this show on the road.


Super C for DOS

1031795847-00 Why the DOS version? Why not the arcade version. Or the NES version. Because back in those days I didn’t get to a lot of arcades and I mostly had an old PC to work with, so this is the version of it I would have played if I didn’t have an NES. Don’t judge it by the piss poor EGA graphics though, it plays great and is just as balls hard as any other version of the game. I tried to play it earlier and didn’t even make it past the first level, gonna have to try again once I have a little more patience and can remember where everything is. Considering what PCs were back in 1990, and the fact that they couldn’t force people to buy a 386 for this when most people were still running either an 8088 or a 286, this isn’t a half bad port and is at least worth trying for those of you who are curious about what we had to deal with as far as arcade ports back in the day.  I was going to put the original Contra for DOS on here as well, but that’s an unplayable atrocity of a game. Thankfully I never played it back in the day and stuck with the NES version. PCs of the day just weren’t set up to handle a game like that. You just use the arrow keys to move around and aim and use the 0/Insert key on your numerical pad to jump and ./Del to fire.

The sound is pretty good, the graphics, despite the fact that they’re EGA are pretty well detailed. The game manages to keep track of the hectic nature of the overall game great and the music is good. And, above all else, the control is solid. Even the 4 color CGA graphics look halfway decent, though nowadays there’s no reason to even play it that way unless you just want to see it like that for some reason.

Kinda makes me when I had a 286 layin’ around somewhere so I could play this game on it.

If you let it sit for a little bit, it even has the arcade’s corny opening (minus the voices) and is definitely worth a watch. All images via Mobygames beacuse I can’t get far enough in the game to take good screenshots. :)


XBLIG Review – Spiders! Why did it have to be spiders?

xboxboxart (1) Do you really hate spiders. I mean, REALLY hate spiders. Not creeped out by them like you’re doing to run screaming every time you see even a Daddy Long Legs … I mean hate them to the point that you want to kill every last one of them until the Earth is devoid of the damn things. Where they’re in hiding below the ground to avoid the wrath of your boot to eventually mutate and evolve under there and kill us all. Then this game is for you, because that what you’re going to be doing. Killing spiders. Lots of them. With a machine gun. Only these spiders are as big as you are and can kill you within a few seconds. This game plays out a little bit like an overhead version of a previous Xbox indie game called Jonny Crush, just without the variety in enemies, weapons, environments and polygons. Not to say that’s a BAD thing of course. Spiders! has all the basic elements needed to be a good top down, dual stick shooter. And isn’t a bad game per-say, it just doesn’t go beyond those basic elements to make something special.


5 minutes with Dizzy : The Adventurer for the NES


Terrible, terrible game. I actually feel like less of a person for having played it. The way I am with older games like this is that if I can't get into it within a couple of minutes, I generally won't. And this game failed on almost every front as soon as I started playing it.


Evil Dead redone using Clay.

hahaha I love this movie. Maybe someone will have to the patience to do the entire movie one of these days. But they managed to get most of the main parts of the movie in 60 seconds I suppose.


Definitely my kind of girl.

This chick is balancing 15 books on her head, solving a Rubik’s Cube and reciting Pi to 100 digits. Three things I could never do in this span of time. And it helps that she’s cute on top of it all. Although probably a bit young for my tastes. She looks like she's under 23, and that's about as young as I'm willing to go anymore. Regardless of that, enjoy.


Vanessa Hudgens gets leggy.

#4711920 The Closing Night Ceremony for the 2010 edition of SHOWEST held at The Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 18, 2010.
Vanessa Hudgens
 Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500

Yes, I’m well aware that picture isn’t particularly leggy, but I don’t care. I personally like it better. I don’t remember where this is from, I’m assuming some sort of awards show that I don’t watch.

But it really wants to make me go out and buy a Coke. And I don’t even drink soda all that often.

But regardless, I’ve never seen any of the movies she’s ever been in, the only music I’ve ever seen is from whatever channels my daughter watches … which means I’m exposed to this a lot.

That’s kind of weird … you’d think I’d have at least seen SOME of ANY of the High School Musical movies considering I bought them for her … but I haven’t.

Oh well. No big deal. Oh, and as an added bonus I added some pictures of our little cell phone user from the Oscars. Why? Because I can. Hit the jump.


Pixel Whirled released for the Xbox 360 Indie Games.

Now, mind you, seeing as how I have to be at work in about 10 minutes I obviously haven’t played the game. I just wanted to put the trailer up and say something about it because I love old school styled games, provided they’re done right. And two, this is the single most retarded trailer I’ve ever seen for any game. And that alone makes me want to play it, so that’s what I’ll be doing as soon as I get home later.

In the meantime, here are some screenshots.

screen1_Web screen2_Web screen3_Web screen4_Web

And, for the record, I love how bored the little girl looked playing the modern first person shooter. Classic. That’s how I feel with most of them that I play. And yes, that includes Modern Warfare.


Upcoming XBLIG – Tokyo 2029 A.D.

Apparently it’s a “fast paced gory 4 player fighter” that’s coming out for the 360 in the Indie Games for 80 MS Space Bucks. Of course, I’m going to personally reserve judgment until I actually play it. And hope there is Xbox Live support. But judging from the unfortunate trend of XBLIG developers thinking it’s not important, I’m not getting my hopes up all that high.

But hey, we’ll see. Check out the trailer above.

It kind of reminds me of the old arcade game (later ported to the Genesis) “Time Killers” … which isn’t exactly a bad thing because I actually kind of like that game.