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A new NBA Jam game coming to the Wii has me a little worried.

nba-jam-hes-on-fire See that screenshot there? Those are my memories of NBA Jam … just insanely fast paced 2 on 2 basketball that I would play the shit out of in the arcade. Sometime this year there’s going to be one coming to the Wii. As one may fear, it supports motion control. But from what I read on Kotaku, you can also turn the remote sideways and just use the directional pad and use it as … well … a real controller.

I don’t play many sports games, after a 20 year hiatus I finally picked up a baseball game (The Bigs for the PS2 and The Bigs 2 for the 360 if you’re wondering). But I do like to play the arcadey titles. And NBA Jam definitely fits into that. I STILL own both the original and Tournament Edition for the Sega Genesis, and I still pop them in from time to time to see those tiny, grainy graphics and muffled grainy voices. But since Tournament Edition, the series hasn’t just gone down hill … it’s plummeted face first into a bed of spikes.


Horrible games. Why do I keep buying them.

You've seen them before. You walk into Wal-Mart or Target or whoever you go to, and you see this on the shelf for (usually) 20 bucks.

Box picture for 10,000 Games

Box picture for 10,000 Games

You know for a FACT going in when you buy this, there's going to be maybe ONE game that's merely "bad" instead of "Oh God, I'd rather rip out my spleen than play this". Most people complete ignore these, but not me. For some reason I have it in my head just to see how utterly f***ing HORRIBLE these are. Sometimes it's multiple LEVELS of some horrid Galaga ripoff shooter with graphics that look like they were done by a 5 year old, all counting as the seperate games. Others are light versions of Flash games. Not to mention thousands of Sudoku variations and hundreds and thousands of other stuff I personally could give two sh*ts less about.


Okay, I think I may have a problem. :)

Just got back from a flea market about half an hour away from my house, and snagged the following:

An original box NES with 2 controllers, the NES Advantage joystick (which, while it works perfectly, has a weird see througgh yellow golf ball lookin' thing instead of the normal ball, but it doesn't affect anything), a zapper and had the games Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt


Hardware review - The Retro Duo Twin Video Game System v2.0

I originally wrote this on Amazon after I ordered it (and I use it all lthe time by the way hehe). I've changed it a bit for here considering I've gotten extra stuff for it, but ... yeah.

I ordered this mostly to save space and the lifespan of my NES systems. It came in pretty attractive and functional packaging, it was pretty cool flip up the cardboard cover and see everything.


Mortal Kombat II - SNES and Genesis vs the arcade. One man’s opinion.

I had this written out on Google Docs, just kind of originated out of playing the Genesis version at a friend's house and thought of how crummy it is compared to the arcade and SNES  versions, but still good on it's own merits. It was just kinda sitting there so I thought I'd put it up here to kinda inflate this blog a little bit. :)
Okay, even though I got started with the series with the original Mortal Kombat, let's not kid ourselves. The game honestly wasn't that good. Almost no combo system to speak of unless you count exploiting the game to get them. Slow paced fighting, blah blah blah. Not to say it wasn't a good game, just ... for me personally it hasn't aged well at all.