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Michelle Trachtenberg just got a whole lot better.

michelle-trachtenberg-complex-09 I know there have been previous shoots,  but not a whole lot quite like this. Unfortunately, there looks like there’s a lot of unneeded photoshopping going on here. I’d be interested to see if there are any outtakes from this one.

To be perfectly honest, the only movie I really remember her from is Eurotrip … how the characters in that movie never noticed her aside from being “one of the guys” until near the end is beyond me. But oh well, movies like that aren’t known for their deep plots or good writing.

Either way, this shoot is definitely a welcome change of pace from the norm. Maybe they’ll get even more interesting in the future.

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Just added a bunch of pictures

Out of lack of anything interesting to write about at the moment I added a whole bunch of pictures of Michelle Trachtenburg and Elisha Cuthbert to the above "Gorgeous Women" section. And a couple of animated pictures of Anne Hathaway and Reese Witherspoon to the "Miscellaneous Pictures" section. Check them out below, or just go up there and click the link to see the rest of the pictures that I've got lined up. And as always when you click ANYWHERE on this site, be mindful of where you're at, because it's probably not going to be safe for work. Don't go bitching at me over getting in trouble or getting fired as a result of Wasted Seconds. Hit the jump.