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Xbox Live Indie Game Review – You Will Die

xboxboxart This game is fucking cruel. It’s evil, and it’s quite possibly one of the hardest games in the Indie Games section. It doesn’t screw around. You have one weapon, one life, a shield that hacks away at your score (which is the ultimate point of the game) and no apologies. Most people I’ve seen who play this (including me. Hey, I never said I was good at these games) can’t get past about level 3 or 4. Out of, from what I understand, 32 total levels.

So it’s definitely appropriately titled. It doesn’t matter how good you are, you WILL eventually die.

That doesn’t mean it’s any good though, now does it. We’re going to have to make that determination as we go … well … more like I’ve already made my decision and you’ll just have to read on and see.


XBLIG Review – The Impossible Game

xboxboxart Anyone remember the hoverbike level of Battletoads on the NES? That is noted in my memory of being one of the hardest and most infuriating experiences in gaming as a whole. The same thing with the Megaman series on the NES (no, I haven’t played the full version of Megaman 9) and I grew out of this style of gameplay YEARS ago. This definitely is one of the hardest games on the Xbox 360 as far as the indie games though. But it ultimately fails miserably because it doesn’t have anything fun to back it up. Now, mind you, that’s not saying it isn’t well done for what it is. It’s actually extremely well done with a lot of careful thought going into the level design. Timing is everything in this game.

Reviews being a personal opinion of the reviewer, and the fact that 90% of the time the words in a review are ignored and people generally go directly to the score by the people buying or playing the game, I can strive to be fair. Because personally, this type of game is pointless to me and a complete waste of time since it’s hard purely to be hard.