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Random Ashley Olsen pictures. Because I can.

ashley-olsen-for-fashion-magazine-sept-2010-270610-6-640x480These are from Fashion Magazine from October 2010. The year I turned 29. Have I ever read this magazine? No. I don’t think I’ve actually read a magazine other than an article here and there since the 90’s … back when people actually did read them. I know absolutely nothing about fashion except for what a few people around me tell me of Lady GaGa … which is a fucking joke. All I know about fashion is, depending on the woman : the less (or tighter) the better. So enjoy this random post.

The other random things will come back soon, I’ve just got to get out of my writer’s block slump that I’ve been stuck in for quite some time now. All kinds of neat things are happening out there that I want to rant about. Which I do to some extent in the podcast … hopefully a new episode of that will come soon now that my area is somewhat less likely to get slammed by a tornado. Hit the jump for the rest of the pictures. Maybe someday the people who have access to write on this site will do something a little more often than I do. Winking smile


Hey there, you want a Anne Hathaway gallery?

Well, I've got one for you. And if she keeps up the stunning photoshoots and movies, there will definitely be more. Huge props to Egotastic! for some of the pictures.

Anne Hathaway

Disney princess to REAL actor. A lot of people gave her crap because she showed up in topless scenes after the Disney movies. Her response? "I'm an actor. I act." ... maybe not word for word, but that pretty much sums up what she said. Any way you put it, this woman is stunning.

156 Photos


Jennifer Love Hewitt showing off her best assets … almost.

jennifer-love-hewitt-cowgirl-shoot-01This woman seems to age like a fine wine. Granted, I’ve never seen whatever show it was she was on in the 90’s, though I did see her little spot in Boy Meets World when I was younger. Yes, I used to watch TV all the time. Anyone remember that TGIF crap that was on … oh what was it … ABC? And naturally the Saturday Morning Cartoons back when they actually had shows that were worth watching.

But this isn’t about that. A lot of people say JLH reached her prime years ago. I beg to differ with this photo shoot from a magazine I can’t be bothered to remember the name of.

Everyone can thank Egotastic! for these. If you didn’t notice, I hit up that site a lot. But they’re a bit less picky than I am. I’m finally going to start doing shit on this site again, I’ll get to the gaming stuff later once I actually play them thanks to Steam and they’re god damn holiday sales.


Olivia Wilde in Details magazine.

Yeah, the only thing I’ve ever seen her in is the television show House, and damn she was one hell of addition to the show. Not only is she downright gorgeous, but is a competent actor on top of it all. On top of it all, she does photoshoots like this, and that makes it all that much better. Oh, and I’ve heard somewhere that she’s in Tron : Legacy. Just sayin’ … because that’s important stuff to know. Now I have one more good reason to watch that movie eventually. But I’m still going to wait for it to come out for a home release … which will probably be in 3 or 4 months.

Hit the jump, because while there’s unfortunately no nudity, the pictures are somewhat not safe for the work environment … which I’m starting to wonder if that even matters on this particular site anymore to be perfectly honest. Credit goes to Egotastic! ... which is where I find a lot of this stuff.


Scarlett Johansson. FINALLY.

There aren’t enough photo shoots like this. There aren’t. To take a woman’s natural beauty and amplify it by a thousand times is very rare in this writer’s opinion. But this has nailed it. There’s nothing “not safe for work” about this because there doesn’t need to be. Look at the pictures and be engrossed by (damn near) the best pictures of this woman you’ll see. Period. Simply stunning. Thank you Popoholic.

 scarlett-johansson-mango-winter-02 scarlett-johansson-mango-winter-03 scarlett-johansson-mango-winter-04 scarlett-johansson-mango-winter-05 scarlett-johansson-mango-winter-06 scarlett-johansson-mango-winter-07 scarlett-johansson-mango-winter-01


Lindsay Lohan in the German GQ

0715-lindsay-lohan-german-gq-03 It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Mostly because I’m very picky and won’t just pick ANYTHING out. So you’ve got to ask yourself … what’s better than a beautiful woman playing (or in this case holding because I’m unsure as to whether or not she can actually play it) a guitar? Doing it topless.

It amazes me about all he hooplah surrounding this recent court thing … sure … it’s unfortunate that she has to do drugs, and hopefully she’ll get off of them. But in the end, who gives a shit what she does with HER time.

Think of it this way, if her name wsa Lindsay Jones, who would care?

In any case, courtesy of Egotastic! and The Superficial here are a ton of insultingly sexy pictures and a video.

It’s just a shame the freckles aren’t noticeable … that’s one of her best features.


These pictures of Lindsay Lohan are relevant to my interests.

lindsay_lohan_black_white These are some new pictures from a photoshoot … honestly couldn’t tell you what from because I don’t read magazines. It’s actually two different shoots, I just jumbled them together for the hell of it. And because I think they’re both great.

But regardless of all that mess, the other girl in the black and white photos are her younger sister Ali. Say what you want about Lindsay’s career or what she does with her personal time that shouldn’t really be anyone’s business ANYWAY, I’m diggin’ these shoots she does.

Hell, I even though that movie she did “I Know Who Killed Me” was really friggin’ good. A lot of people bash the acting, but I thought she pulled it off well.

Anyway, hit the jump for the good stuff. All photos courtesy of The Superficial and Hollywood Tuna.


Miranda Kerr at Christie’s Green Auction : A Bid to Save the Earth

Miranda Kerr At Christie's 'A Bid To Save The Earth' Green Auction Why did I post this? Because the people who know me in person know that I, for the most part, don’t really care about auctions in so far as saving the Earth and whatnot. I’m of the camp that … the Earth has been through a LOT worse than us.

I am posting this purely because of the obvious. I’ve never even SEEN a Victoria’s Secret catalog or whatever the hell it’s called. Quite honestly, I don’t really care one way or the other about it.

But Miranda Kerr has that “girl next door” kind of thing going that I really like. That is the reason I am posting this.

She kind of reminds me of a Hawaiian girl that used to live next door to me … except I don’t think Miranda got pregnant at 14 years old and made a career choice at Hardee’s. Anyway, enjoy.


Miranda Kerr At Christie's 'A Bid To Save The Earth' Green Aucti Miranda Kerr At Christie's 'A Bid To Save The Earth' Green Auction Miranda Kerr At Christie's 'A Bid To Save The Earth' Green Auction Miranda Kerr At Christie's 'A Bid To Save The Earth' Green Auction Miranda Kerr At Christie's 'A Bid To Save The Earth' Green Auction Miranda Kerr At Christie's 'A Bid To Save The Earth' Green Auction bid to save the earth 230410 bid to save the earth 230410 bid to save the earth 230410


Tila Tequila is still around. And is still devoid of any redeeming qualities.

Tila Tequila 150410 Here she is in an utterly RIDICULOUS outfit that show WAY more than pretty much anyone wants to see (which makes some of the pictures not safe for work) performing her new single “I Fucked the DJ” at The Greenhouse in New York.

Now, I’ve only heard a handful of songs by her … and I’ve got to give her credit for one thing and one thing alone. At least SHE manages to get some kind of meaning out of it, as utterly pointless as that meaning is.

When I hear it, all I hear is bad rap, simplistic repetitive beats and music that seem to be written and finished in a few minutes just to get her to shut up for 5 seconds.

This chick really needs a wake up call and possibly some psychiatric help. Hit the jump for the rest of the pictures, just bear in mind what she’s wearing and your environment, because she really needs some extra special help dressing herself.


Vanessa Hudgens gets leggy.

#4711920 The Closing Night Ceremony for the 2010 edition of SHOWEST held at The Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 18, 2010.
Vanessa Hudgens
 Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500

Yes, I’m well aware that picture isn’t particularly leggy, but I don’t care. I personally like it better. I don’t remember where this is from, I’m assuming some sort of awards show that I don’t watch.

But it really wants to make me go out and buy a Coke. And I don’t even drink soda all that often.

But regardless, I’ve never seen any of the movies she’s ever been in, the only music I’ve ever seen is from whatever channels my daughter watches … which means I’m exposed to this a lot.

That’s kind of weird … you’d think I’d have at least seen SOME of ANY of the High School Musical movies considering I bought them for her … but I haven’t.

Oh well. No big deal. Oh, and as an added bonus I added some pictures of our little cell phone user from the Oscars. Why? Because I can. Hit the jump.