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Pokemon are evil!!!

Apparently Pokemon are teaching our children witchcraft. Yes, that's what this guy is saying. He's preaching against EVERYTHING from Pokemon (mostly) to movies to the internet. And the funniest part is, there are actually morons in the audience nodding in agreement. Even though this guy has only ever HEARD of Pokemon and has probably never seen the show or played the games.

But I seriously doubt that would matter to this religious nutjob. Apparently, according to this guy if my 8 year old daughter plays Pokemon she's going to end up attempting to conjure up demons or become a Satanist or something. Or playing Pokemon and grabbing a .45 and blowing the kids at school away. I'm surprised he wasn't trying to take a stab at Pac-Man or Super Mario Bros (even though I think all those Goombas might have something to say about Mario).

The government never playing this stuff and just going by Youtube videos or ... even worse HEARING about this stuff is bad enough, but religion as well? Beliefs being what they are, believe whatever you want. I personally don't care.

I just know that my kid's gonna be one hell of killer when she gets older from playing Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man and Pokemon when she gets older with all this training she has. Considering Mario and Sonic are all about jumping and/or going fast maybe all that training will make her a good sports player or something instead of a killer.

Nutjobs. Plain and simple.

If I had the means to do it I'd get all the neighborhood kids together, give them all super soakers and get them into the mall. Tell them to go nuts and record it after letting them all play Chex Quest or something like that. Send the video to this moron.

People, it isn't up to government or religion to tell us OR our kids what they can and can't play or watch. It's up to us as parents. Yes, I am well aware that some parents let their 8 and 9 year olds play Grand Theft Auto or Left 4 Dead 2 (unless you're in Australia, then it's okay for that game). Me personally? She won't touch those games. Those games are rated M for a reason. They are for mature audiences. Not kids.

Seeing stuff like this is really making me wonder why I let her go to church.

Video via Destructoid

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