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Amanda Bynes is finally starting to show what she’s really got.

AMANDA-BYNES-TOPLESS For years now we’ve gotten mainly just red carpet outfits and whatnot, and a few friendlier photo shoots. But she finally drops all that for the most recent issue of Maxim.

Now all I can really say is that I hope there’s more like this in the future. She’s one of the few women I’ve ever seen in Maxim shoots that doesn’t look like they’re trying so damn hard.

She just looks like she normally does, only a hell of a lot hotter.

Of course, when it initially happened and she got ahold of the finished product, she was gushing to Twitter almost endlessly about it at the time.

I didn’t really know much about it until I actually got the issue in the mail. She definitely doesn’t have the Nickelodeon image anymore. Just hit the jump.