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Taylor Swift goes out without makeup… why should you care?

SPL365454_002Normally I don’t understand the whole fascination with actresses/singers/whoever going outdoors without makeup. Maybe that’s just me, I’ve no idea.

But in my posting this, the reason you should care is exactly what I’ve said before about this woman: she CAN’T be human.

In saying that, I think it’d be a bit strange to stand next to her… I think I remember reading somewhere she stands either 5’10” or 5’11” without heels. I stand at a mere 5’8”.

Yeah, ladies. Natures gift to women is posting right here.

Getting back to this, she did voicework for the upcoming cartoon “Dr. Suess: The Lorax” or some such thing. I don’t know really since I’ve only ever read the book. Unfortunately, there are no other pictures that I know of to go with this, so there won’t be any small galleries at the bottom of this post.

Deal with it.


Angelina Jolie’s leg has more Twitter followers than you: Kill yourself!


The sex goddess strikes a pose at the Academy Awards. Damn! I just want to crawl up that leg to find the yummy center. The latest internet meme is of course that sexy leg of hers.

Her leg now has over 20,00 followers and it can’t even fucking talk. But boy if it could talk!

Start honing your Photoshop skills kids and get to work putting that leg in everything imaginable. Naturally you should so totally hit up the gallery after the jump and remember that leg was made for walking.


Stalking the Retro: 90’s Kids are so Takei!

An all new episode of Stalking the Retro is up so give it a listen if you feel the need. I stole Ian away from the Wasted Seconds podcast in order to talk about modern games with a retro feel as well as my awesome find of a rare Game Boy Light! We also discuss wicked old computers like the BBC Acorn Micro and the Commodore 64. We also touch on why 90’s kids don’t get retro and of course we get off topic from time to time. So why not give us a listen whilst you are powning noobs in another fucking Call of Duty type knockoff! ---Indieseoul

STR: Episode 2 90's Kids are so Takei!


What the [email protected]*k is a Vita?

Well the PlayStation Vita has been released around the world now and Sony fan boys have already started playing around with their new gadget. Most of the reviews I have read/watched have been lukewarm at best. Naturally that is to be expected after all it is a new gaming platform that needs time to grow. Sony seems to have done their best by throwing everything they could possibly think of into this piece of shit in order to please as many people as they can. I mean two touch screens? Really? Also in typical Sony fashion they have made everything from the memory cards to the USB cables proprietary in nature. Oh Sony, Face Palm, here we go again.


Emma Watson at the pre-Bafta 2012 party.

emma-watson-pbafta17-635x995I don’t even know what the hell Bafta is to be honest. I’m sure I could find out after a few seconds of research, but that won’t help me much. All I care about is that the short haired, very leggy Emma Watson was there, and I don’t think anyone told her just how transparent that dress actually is.

But, regardless of the short hair this is a plus for anyone who’s the least bit interested.

Maybe I should go and watch those newer Harry Potter movies one of these days. Back when she had her long hair.

But regardless of that, hit up the jump. And they’ll obviously be added to the gallery on the right.


Avril Lavigne in FHM Australia

Avril-Lavigne-FHM-Australia-1Well, I thought I would put this up regardless because I think it’s pretty damn cool. I still could honestly care less about her music, but none of that matters when she’s willing to do photoshoots like this.

Now, yes, I know that FHM is just Playboy for teenagers.

I’ve never really seen her much as a “Tom Boy” personally, though. Hell, I can’t even count against her for being Canadian. Maybe I should actually read the articles one of these days.

But I don’t get the magazine, I honestly don’t care enough to get the magazine. Maybe when I get another Kindle Fire I’ll actually subscribe to it, though. We’ll just have to see. Hit the jump for the rest of the pictures.


Episode 10 of the Wasted Seconds podcast is up. Finally.

There wasn’t really a whole hell of a lot talked about. Just me, IndieSeoul and Retrokaiser shooting the shit. But hey, it’s been almost right at a year. One of these days we’ll get it down. Regardless of all that, if you wanna take a listen it’ll be up on iTunes eventually … or you can just head over to the official page for it right here and listen to it there.