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The Repo Man Stole my Genesis!

STRcoverApril Fool’s day is here and you would be a fool not to download and listen to the latest episode of Stalking the Retro! In this episode I continue my discussion with Leathco about Sega, the C64, Atari reproduction carts, renting to own a console and much much more. I would like to thank Chris Leathco again for talking to me and keeping the show on track. So go ahead, click on the link and listen to a couple of fools talk about video games!

Stalking the Retro Episode 6: The Repo Man Stole my Genesis!


STR Episode 5: Go Screw Attack Yourself!

Well it has been another week so I guess it’s time to release another awesome episode of STR. In this episode of Stalking the Retro I talk to Chris Leathco about old school RPG’s, homebrew carts, our latest gaming pickups, old You-Tube grudges and much much more! So stop nursing that St. Paddy’s day hangover, you lightweight, and click on this link to download that shit!

STR Episode 5: Go Screw Attack Yourself!

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Comic Book Men


Comic Book Men is Kevin Smith’s latest foray into the world of television and his first reality based show. Now let me preface this review by saying that I have never been a comic book “nerd” and I never really had much of a comic book collection to speak of.

Having said that I am a big fan of Kevin Smith’s films and of course his podcast network. Often I find myself laughing out loud, especially while listening to the original “Smodcast”.


Now That’s a Man Hole! STR: Episode 4 is up!

Hello Friends! Yes another awesome episode of Stalking the Retro is ready for you to download and make your ears bleed. In this Episode Ian and I talk about Game N’ Watches of all shapes sizes and varieties. Dhalamar the great man that makes all things possible joins us near the end and we have an awesome three way!

Stalking the Retro: Now That’s a Man Hole!


Milla Jovovich in FHM Australia

Milla-Jovovich-Nude-Photoshoot-For-Maxim-Australia-March-2012-02Now, if you’ve actually read anything that’s on this site, you know I’m not into the whole “women with short hair” thing. Never have been into, never will.

That being said, Milla has thankfully been letting it grow out lately, and it almost makes me want to believe in God. Almost. Hopefully she sticks with it, maybe it’s in the “in thing” or whatever for fashion to have long hair again.

If it is, you’re asking the wrong person.

And it also almost makes me want to subscribe to the Australian version of this magazine… or at least the American version. Is it just me or is she actually getting better as the years go by. Remember when she played a French chick that kept stealing all of Kelly’s boyfriends in Married… with Children?

Is it sad that I remember that? Kudos to Egotastic! for the heads up on this.


Stalking The Retro Episode 3 is up!

Episode 3: Micro Men, Iron Lady

Stalking the Retro The podcast! Yes another episode that quick! This time Septic Lemon and I talk about Electronic games including handhelds, VFD tabletops, Game N' Watches and a few you probably have never heard of. We also talk about old school computers like the Amstrad CPC, BBC Micro and more!

Special Thanks to the awesome band White Qube for permission to use their awesome song: “Not on your side”

Please check out their website!

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