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Xbox Live Indie Game Review – Decimation X

xboxboxart A neat little 80 point retro inspired shooter … mix the left to right gameplay of Space Invaders and Galaga with bullet hell and you get Decimation X. An insane, fast paced, and sometimes infuriatingly difficult arcade shooter with support for up to four players locally.

Of course, there are a few bullet hell style shooters in the indie games section, but they generally fail miserably. This on the other hand gets it right. But if you’re looking for a walk in the park, this may not be your game.

And this is definitely a game. There’s no storyline anywhere to be seen, you could make one up yourself though. It doesn’t need it. This could easily be in an arcade machine from the 80’s or early 90’s.


Xona Games releases a shooter, although it isn’t Duality ZF.

What do you get when you mix bullet hell with Space Invaders/Galaga/Galaxian style gameplay. You get Decimation X, a new Xbox Live Indie game that goes for a meager 80 points. What little I’ve played so far is kind of the shooter version of Bayonetta. Just insanity that doesn’t stop. Ever. And from the looks of the video and what I’ve played, the powerups don’t stop either. Go download it, give it a try, the game says online high scores are coming soon. Although from what little time I’ve spent with it I have two complaints … but I’ll save those for later. :P

Just go and fuckin’ try it. Especially if you’re a fan of fast paced over the top shooters. I’m gonna give it some more play time before I say anything solid about it. :) I’m terrible at these types of games, and so far I’ve only made it to level 16.


Game Review – The Sky Crawlers : Innocent Aces for the Wii

14849 Now, I’ll be perfectly honest here. I have only played a handful of flight related games. And all of them are too old for anyone to have really cared about. I remember attempting to play the original MS Flight Simulator when I was a kid. And I got F22 Interceptor recently for the Sega Genesis just because I was curious. And that’s about the extent of the flight games I’ve played aside from Star Fox … but to me that doesn’t really count.

So this review is going to be a little different from most of the ones I do being that I have no prior knowledge of games like this. And I can’t comment too much on the motion controls because I have issues with them with ANY game because I can’t hold my hands steady enough to make that style of a control scheme a viable option. What I’m going to do for this one in particular is relate my experiences playing the game … of which I used a Gamecube controller to play. And of course my opinion of various things such as the gameplay and the graphics and all that neato stuff.


More of Ashley Greene in a skinsuit for SoBe, better shots this time.

ashley-greene-nude-bodypaint-sobe-02 Of course all the good bits have been edited out, but still. Maybe I should watch Twilight one of these days, because if this chick is playing a vampire that’d definitely something I’m interested in.

Hell, Aaliyah was the ONLY saving grace of The Queen of the Damned aside from the music that was expertly done by Johnathan Davis.

And later covered on the CD, wasn’t it weird to hear Chester Bennington sing that shit?

Anyway, here are more shots, they’re definitely a lot better than the last ones although I personally could have done without the photoshopping and editing to make them “friendly”.

For some reason I’m always into the slightly more candid looking stuff for much of anything. Now that I think about it, there was a chick named “Ashley Green” who I went to school with back in the 1800’s. Though I can’t remember for the life of me what she looks like.

*ahem* Anyway, I know that it wasn’t this chick, and I’m going to shut up now. Hit the jump.


Crayon Physics Deluxe has a “pay what you want” Birthday sale


Now, I have personally never played this, I’ve toyed around with getting it but never have. Of course now I am, and you can do by heading right over to the official site. Pay what you want until the 15th. :)


Pixel Force : Left 4 Dead. Pure awesomeness.

Logo_L4DNow, I haven’t had a chance to play this MUCH (though I have been playing it since I downloaded it about an hour ago as of this writing) but this is a … for the most part … faithful de-make of Valve’s Left 4 Dead in an 8 Bit NES style done by Eric Ruth Games. Which means it’s top down, pixelly zombie killing goodness. All of the limitations of the NES seem to come into play here, and it’s a lot friendlier to single player play. You have the regular zombies that just kinda stand around, and either when they’re shot or when they notice you they go into full top speed attack. The special infected ARE here, though they work a little differently. Such as the Boomer shoots fireball looking puke projectiles, the hunter is pretty much the same except that when he pounces you, you just mash on the buttons to get him off of you. The Smoker just sends you spinning with his tongue. The witch is pretty much the same, though I haven’t pissed her off yet. :) And the tank … I haven’t seen him yet (maybe he’s a boss?) but there are sound files for him.

All the survivors are here in they’re 8 Bit glory (Zoey is still hot in 8 Bit form by the way), all the levels are here in a top down perspective except for maybe Crash Course … but maybe that will come in a later update. And the music … chiptuned awesomeness that is in a friendly MP3 format to haul around with you, which I plan on doing. And when you first start the game, as it’s loading, you get an NES cart mockup for Left 4 Dead. Awesomeness.

The only bad points I can see here in the short amount of time I’ve had with it is that there only seems to be a machine gun, a pistol (which can be dual wielded) and the shotgun. No hunting rifle, assault rifle, pipe bombs or molotavs. Of course, this is version 1.1, they MAY come at a later date. And there is only local 2 player support. Now, yes, I know that most NES games were only capable of 2 players simultaneously, but come on. There WAS that severely underutilized 4 player adapter. And how bad ass would be to be able to play this game online with people.

And, it lets me get my zombie killing on with my netbook. Which increases it’s awesomeness.

Now, when you get into this game, bear in mind that it plays a lot differently, mostly from the top down perspective. And you can only shoot in 4 directions. But the way the game is set up it works great. Hopefully it’ll get more updates with the missing weapons and maybe some online support … which might be wishful thinking, but hey. :) Download after the screenshots and gameplay video.


Ashley Greene modeling a SoBe “skinsuit”

ashley-greene-naked-body-paint-01 Sex definitely does sell, even though there isn't any actual sex going on here. I've personally never had SoBe Lifewater nor have I seen or read Twilight (sorry guys, I honestly don't give a shit) ... but I may try some SoBe tonight.

Of course, I won't ever see a swimsuit like this in person because I'm in the fucking bible belt and I have a feeling if a woman wore this indoors she'd probably get arrested let alone outdoors. More pictures and a video with some terrible music after the jump.


Tila Tequila’s milking Casey Johnson’s death … trying desperately to get noticed again.

Tila Tequila Seriously, does anyone give a shit about this chick anymore? Alright, her fiance died, and it sucks. It’s tragic when ANYONE dies. It will even be tragic when Tila Tequila dies from a drug overdose or just too much plastic surgery. But it looks to me like Tila’s milking this death for all it’s worth trying DESPERATELY to get noticed again with her fake tits and golem-esque face.

There’s no talent there, she’s not particularly good looking in any way and everything I’ve seen about her in interviews and read leads to her being a piece of shit who needs to just grow up.

Rest in piece Casey Johnson, even though the only thing I ever knew about you is that for some reason you were engaged to this mutant.

Man, celebrities are dropping like flies lately aren’t they. Or, hrmm … does Casey Johnson count as a celebrity? Or for that matter, does Tila even count anymore?

Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips tried to collect the dogs and other personal items of Casey Johnson’s from Tila’s home … yeah … did they REALLY expect this to go well given that Tila’s 28 going on 12? Here’s a quote from her blog :

My Fiance and I had been living together at my house for about a month now, with all of our dogs! 3 Total, and today these "mean Girls" bombarded MY HOME, to try to take the pups away so they can put them to sleep so they can bury the dogs with Casey. So sad! I had to call the police because they were getting very violent outside of my house and threatening to break in! They kept kicking my door, pounding on it, and even left scratch marks on my windows and texted that they were going to try to break in from the back side!! I was alone, scared and they left me no choice.

Of course, the police defused it all and let Nicky and Bijou have them because … well … honestly, I’m sure there are people out there who would have believed that wild story she put up in her blog AND what she told the police. But these people are probably in trailer parks across America.

Speaking of trailer parks, those shots of her in the light colored top … was of her coming out of the police department.

Yeah. You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.


Geek Gamer Radio Episode 10 – 10 for 2010

We get to talking about what we’re looking forward to for 2010 (yeah, you get to hear my sarcastic ass-ish voice again on there) of which my list is fairly small. :) Modern Warfare 2, Left 4 Dead, a contest that is going on that is up on February 28th, a retard killing a kid over a Tony Hawk video game and a lot more. Also, GGR is now part of the TechPodcasts network of … well … podcasts. And I think it’s one of the few gaming related shows on there, so go and check that out as well because there’s a ton of different shows on there going over a wide range of different tech related topics. But if you wanna listen to GGR, just head over to the site and subscribe using whatever MP3 listening device you use, and you can also go there to listen live at around 11pm Central Time … such is the reason for my sounding so out of it when I’m there from time to time. :)