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Random Ashley Olsen pictures. Because I can.

ashley-olsen-for-fashion-magazine-sept-2010-270610-6-640x480These are from Fashion Magazine from October 2010. The year I turned 29. Have I ever read this magazine? No. I don’t think I’ve actually read a magazine other than an article here and there since the 90’s … back when people actually did read them. I know absolutely nothing about fashion except for what a few people around me tell me of Lady GaGa … which is a fucking joke. All I know about fashion is, depending on the woman : the less (or tighter) the better. So enjoy this random post.

The other random things will come back soon, I’ve just got to get out of my writer’s block slump that I’ve been stuck in for quite some time now. All kinds of neat things are happening out there that I want to rant about. Which I do to some extent in the podcast … hopefully a new episode of that will come soon now that my area is somewhat less likely to get slammed by a tornado. Hit the jump for the rest of the pictures. Maybe someday the people who have access to write on this site will do something a little more often than I do. Winking smile


Jennifer Love Hewitt showing off her best assets … almost.

jennifer-love-hewitt-cowgirl-shoot-01This woman seems to age like a fine wine. Granted, I’ve never seen whatever show it was she was on in the 90’s, though I did see her little spot in Boy Meets World when I was younger. Yes, I used to watch TV all the time. Anyone remember that TGIF crap that was on … oh what was it … ABC? And naturally the Saturday Morning Cartoons back when they actually had shows that were worth watching.

But this isn’t about that. A lot of people say JLH reached her prime years ago. I beg to differ with this photo shoot from a magazine I can’t be bothered to remember the name of.

Everyone can thank Egotastic! for these. If you didn’t notice, I hit up that site a lot. But they’re a bit less picky than I am. I’m finally going to start doing shit on this site again, I’ll get to the gaming stuff later once I actually play them thanks to Steam and they’re god damn holiday sales.


Anne Hathaway in British GQ

Oh those damn Brits ... getting all the cool stuff.

But regardless of that, this is quite possibly her best photoshoot to date. Bar none. I of course deem it friendly for work, so no jumps necessary here ... unless you're working in a church or something I suppose.


Even more outtakes from Lindsay Lohan’s Muse photoshoot


They just keep popping up. And with any luck, even MORE of them pop up in the future.

So far this is my second favorite shoot of the year … this one from Ashley Olsen for Marie Claire being the top of the list for me.

But regardless of that, you can check out my previous post about this particular shoot here which has all the shots and a bunch of stills from the video, or you can just hit the jump and see the not safe for work pictures that got added recently.

Personally, I’m all for more shoots like this. Say what you want about her, but I dig ‘em.

And I’m all about the fact that she hasn’t chopped all of her damn hair off. Just thought I’d throw that in.