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Lindsay Lohan at the Downtown Women’s Center in LA

LindsayLohan-see-thru-Downtown-Womens-Center-LA-5This is what weirds me out about her doing jail time and community service and whatnot. If it was anyone other than Lindsay Lohan, like, the chick that you know that lives down the street from you, who would give a shit? I mean … seriously.

But here’s some great pictures that one of those bored paparazzi guys took, and I must admit there’s some appeal here.

Now if only she’d do this more often and give them a heads up so they know when and where to take these and whether or not they need flash bulbs.

Kudos to TheCelebPic. Hit the jump for more, slightly not safe for work.


Lindsay Lohan in the German GQ

0715-lindsay-lohan-german-gq-03 It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Mostly because I’m very picky and won’t just pick ANYTHING out. So you’ve got to ask yourself … what’s better than a beautiful woman playing (or in this case holding because I’m unsure as to whether or not she can actually play it) a guitar? Doing it topless.

It amazes me about all he hooplah surrounding this recent court thing … sure … it’s unfortunate that she has to do drugs, and hopefully she’ll get off of them. But in the end, who gives a shit what she does with HER time.

Think of it this way, if her name wsa Lindsay Jones, who would care?

In any case, courtesy of Egotastic! and The Superficial here are a ton of insultingly sexy pictures and a video.

It’s just a shame the freckles aren’t noticeable … that’s one of her best features.


These pictures of Lindsay Lohan are relevant to my interests.

lindsay_lohan_black_white These are some new pictures from a photoshoot … honestly couldn’t tell you what from because I don’t read magazines. It’s actually two different shoots, I just jumbled them together for the hell of it. And because I think they’re both great.

But regardless of all that mess, the other girl in the black and white photos are her younger sister Ali. Say what you want about Lindsay’s career or what she does with her personal time that shouldn’t really be anyone’s business ANYWAY, I’m diggin’ these shoots she does.

Hell, I even though that movie she did “I Know Who Killed Me” was really friggin’ good. A lot of people bash the acting, but I thought she pulled it off well.

Anyway, hit the jump for the good stuff. All photos courtesy of The Superficial and Hollywood Tuna.


Even more outtakes from Lindsay Lohan’s Muse photoshoot


They just keep popping up. And with any luck, even MORE of them pop up in the future.

So far this is my second favorite shoot of the year … this one from Ashley Olsen for Marie Claire being the top of the list for me.

But regardless of that, you can check out my previous post about this particular shoot here which has all the shots and a bunch of stills from the video, or you can just hit the jump and see the not safe for work pictures that got added recently.

Personally, I’m all for more shoots like this. Say what you want about her, but I dig ‘em.

And I’m all about the fact that she hasn’t chopped all of her damn hair off. Just thought I’d throw that in.


More of Lindsay Lohan from Muse magazine.

lindsay-lohan-topless-video-muse-14 Now there's a video set up like a music video. You can check it out right here. And below you can check out a bunch of still shots from it. I just wish they didn't do cuts every half second in the video. Regardless of that, it's great stuff.

Lindsay Lohan in Muse magazine

lindsay-lohan-topless-nipples-muse-05 Okay, there are three things I really dig about Lindsay Lohan. Nevermind all that mess about her career and blah blah blah this and that. I could really care less about that. It's photoshoots like these, the freckles and the long hair because I've always been a long hair kinda guy. I saw this and just couldn't pass it up, so I thought I'd share it with you. The pictures after the jump aren't safe for work, but the thumbnails are ... at least in my opinion they are. Just be aware of that fact.


Lindsay Lohan in Sunday Times Style magazine

6 Yeah, this is kind of old. But I don’t care. I’m totally diggin’ the freckles.

I can’t say I’m all that wild about the blonde hair though … just looks strange on her for some reason. But still, great shoot. Once you hit the jump there are the shots from the magazine as well as a bunch of outtakes and whatnot.

Maybe I’ll get around to doing more posts like this eventually. Or get someone else to do them for me so they’re spaced out a little more than early in the morning and real late at night.

Anyone interested? :)

It'd definitely make the site a little more active during the day seeing as how I work at night and kind of require sleep. If I could update this site in my sleep I would've done it by now ... though it's been fairly close at times.


Lindsay Lohan is a really good dresser

lindsay lohan shops 090909 There are certain assets .... er ... aspects to this look that really stand out. That's all I'm saying.


Lindsay Lohan shows a little skin for Calvin Klein

lindsey-lohan-tiara-05 I'm not sure exactly what this has to do with CK, but I've never been one to question the efforts of advertisement. Does anyone even still wear CK? Maybe it's because I don't get out much, and I don't pay that much attention. And every time I hear that brand my mind goes back to what could have been a very disturbing scene in Back to the Future. Anyway, this is still a great, fun looking shoot, and she definitely needs to do stuff like this more often. Check out the rest after the jump.


Lindsay Lohan and Hayden Penettiere galleries updated

I saw them and thought to myself "Eh, what the hell." And added them. Partly because it's the weekend and I really didn't feel like actually writing anything right now.



Lindsay Lohan

There's just somethin' about her, I don't know what it is to be honest.

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