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Milla Jovovich in Purple Magazine

milla-jovovich-topless-interview-02 The image shown here is from a bonus past appearance in Interview Magazine because there isn't a damn one of the ones from Purple that are safe for work. But they're all awesome. Just be mindful of your surroundings when you hit the jump. All I can really say is that she recently had a kid, is married now (dammit) and still looks amazing.


Milla Jovovich in Septemberā€™s Maxim

milla-jovovich-nude-maxim-08 Never have I given a shit about this magazine until now. And my birthday is in September ... maybe I'll pick it up. Fucking stunning as usual. I might go and watch Resident Evil again this afternoon. I love that quote "I love that I'm a dream girl for geeks. Nerdy guys are always the cool ones in the end." If only more women felt that way. :) Hit the jump.


The next Resident Evil movie will kick off a whole new trilogy

milla-jovovich-resident-evil Resident Evil : Afterlife (the fourth live action RE movie) is aiming to be a rebirth of the entire franchise and will begin shooting in 2010. The movie will use stereoscopic 3D using the same type of cameras James Cameron used for Avatar, with a budget higher than that of any of the previous RE movies. Now personally I haveĀ  never been a big fan of the games because I can't stand the "tank controls" for a human character. I wasn't impressed by Resident Evil 4 or 5, though I do like the story for all the games. That being said, I think the movies are actually pretty good, and are much better than most other video game to movie adaptions I've seen. But I wouldn't really call them horror movies, they're more action movies to me. I personally can't wait for this new movie. Just, Milla, if you read this ... please don't do the short hair again. :)

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