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Avril Lavigne in Maxim Magazine

avril_lavigne_maxim_mag_set_5 Yeah, I know I haven’t done anything on here for a while, even after all this time I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with this site that I pay for and have no ads on. But occasionally something like this comes up that I can’t help but share with you all because I care that much.

I never have been the biggest fan of her music (though I do consider it listenable) but it’s photo shoots like this that make me glad she exists.

And this is also the reason I frequent sites like Hollywood Tuna because that site, and others like it provide a valuable resource for people who enjoy these things. Hit the jump, and enjoy, because I’m not aware of any other (almost) topless shoots she’s done.


Avril Lavigne at the beach.

avril-lavigne-ocean-nippleslip-02 The beach, the ocean, whatever it is. I don't really care since I'm not a swimmer. But it's about time we got some pictures like this. And there's an added bonus in there in the form of a slight mishap. My one question though ... who in the hell swims with a hat on? Seriously. Oh well, no sense in dwelling on the pointless.  Kudos goes to Egotastic! for this one.


Added more pictures. Why? Because I’m bored and I can.



The reason I add so many pictures to this site? Because it's easy. Fire up the FTP application, upload, then a few clicks with WordPress and I'm done. And here's a fuckton of pictures of Avril Lavigne and Julia Stiles for you horny bastards after the jump. Or you can just click the appropriate link at the top of the page. I offer no explanations because you're not stupid. And I added a bunch of stupid, highly insulting pictures into the Miscellaneous section, and a few more pictures of Kate Hudson in the appropriate area.