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Hey there, you want a Anne Hathaway gallery?

Well, I've got one for you. And if she keeps up the stunning photoshoots and movies, there will definitely be more. Huge props to Egotastic! for some of the pictures.

Anne Hathaway

Disney princess to REAL actor. A lot of people gave her crap because she showed up in topless scenes after the Disney movies. Her response? "I'm an actor. I act." ... maybe not word for word, but that pretty much sums up what she said. Any way you put it, this woman is stunning.

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Anne Hathaway in British GQ

Oh those damn Brits ... getting all the cool stuff.

But regardless of that, this is quite possibly her best photoshoot to date. Bar none. I of course deem it friendly for work, so no jumps necessary here ... unless you're working in a church or something I suppose.


Just added a bunch of pictures

Out of lack of anything interesting to write about at the moment I added a whole bunch of pictures of Michelle Trachtenburg and Elisha Cuthbert to the above "Gorgeous Women" section. And a couple of animated pictures of Anne Hathaway and Reese Witherspoon to the "Miscellaneous Pictures" section. Check them out below, or just go up there and click the link to see the rest of the pictures that I've got lined up. And as always when you click ANYWHERE on this site, be mindful of where you're at, because it's probably not going to be safe for work. Don't go bitching at me over getting in trouble or getting fired as a result of Wasted Seconds. Hit the jump.