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Miley Cyrus has a tattoo. Let the controversy continue.

1 OH MY GOD! Let the online shenanigans begin! People are probably going to bitch about this just like they bitch about everything else she does. What’s the big deal about her having a tattoo. Or doing the whole stripper pole thing for all of about 10 seconds. Who cares. Anne Hathaway was a Disney chick too … ever seen Havoc? How about Hilary Duff’s squeaky clean image she’s getting out of. Christ people, just leave it alone.

And if you’re wondering where this tattoo is at … it’s a very small tattoo under her breast that reads “Just Breathe”. Wow, yeah … LOTS of controversy there.

With the way people react to her you’d think it reads “Fuck me” or something like that.

As I said. Get over it. If nothing else, you have to be … what … 18 to get a tattoo? And she’s 17? I don’t know personally because I have no need to waste my time getting one.


Miley Cyrus’ “pole dance” at the Kid’s Choice Awards.

Why are people bitching about this. She's on the thing for, like, 10 seconds and it doesn't even count as a dance. Now, mind you. This isn't my kind of music, I don't even know what song this is.

But I honestly don't see what people are whining about here. Just shut the fuck up people, God. Bitch and moan when there's a pole that goes the height of the stage and you see some REAL pole dancing. Not a little prop they they wheel around for a little bit. They're even bitching about what she was wearing on the red carpet for the show. For fuck's sake people. Hit the jump to see the "questionable" attire for the red carpet.