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Hey guys, we’re on Facebook too.

You know what to do. Hopefully. :) You can get the up to the minute updates there, get ahold of us for feedback on either the site or the podcast, etc etc. I promise, we don't bite. Unless you happen to be asian, around 5 feet tall, around 100 to 110lbs and at least 24 years of age. ... Okay ... that's just me. but still. If not you can also find us on Twitter. And, as always, we also have a podcast over at a separate site that you can find right here.


Facebook ads can be funny sometimes.

UntitledAlright, this is not something I expect when seeing a Christian Singles ad. I especially love the wording. “Want the girl next door?” then talking about iChurch or some such nonsense. Just thought I’d share. :)

I wonder if all Christian girls are like that. Maybe I should go to church more often than once a year and actually stay awake.

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