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Snailien Invasion for the Xbox 360

I woke up today and saw the weirdest press release for a game … mostly stemming from the title.

banner Snailien Invasion is a 2D platform shooter similar to Liero and Soldat. Taking the battlefield to the Xbox 360, the game features full HD support, eight player network games and split screen support for up to four players. Expect fast-paced action, grappling-hook swinging fun and tons of weapons to research and try out!

  • Play against your friends in the classic modes (deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag).
  • Play solo/coop against never-ending waves of drones in the survival mode.
  • Research over 30 weapons, all with varying degrees of weirdness, yet useful in their own way.
  • Terrain hardness: Some weapons produce concrete, which is much harder to dig though than normal terrain. Gratification for all you fort-builders out there!
  • A fun and quirky/weird sci-fi theme, complete with theremins in the intro music :)

It should be out in August according to the developers. Judging from the games it’s inspired by, it’ll probably play something like a real time Worms. You can check out the official site right here and hit the jump for some screenshots.