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Fast & Furious Adrenaline for the iPhone just got a fairly sizable update.

Fast-and-Furious-Adrenaline-iPhone Yeah yeah yeah, I’m well aware that this game doesn’t stand up to other racing games on the App Store like Need for Speed Shift, Real Racing, etc etc … but that doesn’t matter to me. Even though it doesn’t stand up quite as well, and it has it’s little hitches like the draw distance not being all that great. It’s still a pretty fun little game on the cheap at $1.99 and really shows how the games on this particular platform have evolved. It seems like they’re listening to the issues the players have with it and are working with them. Check out this list of stuff.

We have listened to your feedback, update now to experience:
* Improved car handling!
- You found the car too light and drifty: we have improved the physics model, making it more direct and reactive to your directions!
- You found the collisions between cars to be unrealistic: we have improved the physics and the collisions system to generate more realistic crashes
* Two new cameras, a bumper camera and a closer main camera.
* You found the game too easy! We have improved the A.I and re-balanced the game to push your driving skills to the limit!
* Polished & Improved H.U.D presentation.
* Updated environments & track design across tracks through L.A. making this the best looking Fast & Furious title to date!
* We have added more control for playing your music library in game!
All this and we have added an epic ending to the story mode:

Dom's Return!
* Complete the game, then face up to your biggest challenge yet, as Dom Toretto returns to Fast & Furious Adrenaline in the race "End of the Line".
* Race through train yards, into storm drains and jump trains as you fight to prove who is king of LA!
* Own LA to win two new cars, Dom's "Magnum" and the sporty "Eagle".

I personally haven’t gotten quite far enough in the game to have a REAL opinion on it, but so far from what I’ve played prior to this update it’s a pretty solid arcade style racing game that keeps true to the movie for better or worse. I personally think the movies are fun to watch. Sure they don’t have the greatest stories and characters of all time, but they’re FUN movies. And this game is no different. I just hope they work on the graphics a little bit … while they are decent enough the draw distance brings me back to the old Nintendo 64 days of racing games. But that’s only a minor gripe considering it’s on a handheld device.

mzl.mvyilewb.320x480-75 mzl.hrksnhgg.320x480-75

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