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Tweet Defense – My current little iPod obsession.

1262705502media_screen1 Justin and I talked about this game a little bit on episode 2 of the podcast, so I thought I’d elaborate a little bit more on here … even though all I’ve really played is the endless mode. When Justin says something along the lines of that he hasn’t gotten as far as I have, it was because I sent him a screenshot of round 167 I think it was.

Tweet Defense, as you may have guessed, is a tower defense game. Zombies come from one end of the screen and you have to keep them from reaching the other end and eating what brains you have available. You place towers of various kinds along the path (thankfully, there IS a path and it’s not one of those ridiculous sandbox style tower defense games) that shoot at, slow down or help other towers along the way. While it does have the cartoony art style, there is blood so it probably isn’t the best thing for young kids.


Hayley Williams had a Twitter mishap recently.

I had never even heard of this girl before ... so I guess if all the typical internet stuff is right I've officially heard of Paramore now. She says her account got hacked ... I just think she screwed up sending her boyfriend a direct message or something. Not everything has to be some kind of weird conspiracy. If her name was Hayley Morningglow or something no one would care ... well ... okay, with a picture like that there would definitely be people out there who care, but you get my point.

She has a good voice from the few Paramore videos I've seen since the other day, just needs to grow out of that retarded "dye your hair every color under the sun" phase. But damn, I have to say this picture is impressive. Not enough for me to go out and buy a Paramore album of course, but still. God damn this chick surprised me. Hit the jump. Definitely not safe for work.


StickyTweets v0.5.6 released with Direct Message support


I was constantly on the hunt for a program to replace TweetDeck with for my Twitter needs. Now, don’t get me wrong, TweetDeck is great. It has all the features I need, but the notebook I’m on only has 1GB of RAM, with an amount taken out for video memory. So TweetDeck constantly suckingout over 100MB of RAM with Firefox hogging even more along with Digsby is kind of a hassle. Blame that mostly on Adobe Air. Anyway, like I said, I’m constantly on the hunt for an application to replace it with. That’s when I found StickyTweets one day a while back. It’s an extremely lightweight Twitter client that only needs Windows XP SP 2 or better. No additional libraries, no nothing.


Wasted Seconds now has it’s own Twitter

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