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Halfbrick’s “Blast Off” is free right now for the iPhone/iPod Touch and probably the iPad.

mzl.ylyhnfle.320x480-75 Yeah, the title says it all. Just snag it right here. This is one of those games that I played the trial for on the Xbox 360 and, while it was good, it lent itself to more of a portable platform like the iPod for me.


Fast & Furious Adrenaline for the iPhone just got a fairly sizable update.

Fast-and-Furious-Adrenaline-iPhone Yeah yeah yeah, I’m well aware that this game doesn’t stand up to other racing games on the App Store like Need for Speed Shift, Real Racing, etc etc … but that doesn’t matter to me. Even though it doesn’t stand up quite as well, and it has it’s little hitches like the draw distance not being all that great. It’s still a pretty fun little game on the cheap at $1.99 and really shows how the games on this particular platform have evolved. It seems like they’re listening to the issues the players have with it and are working with them. Check out this list of stuff.


Rise of the Triad for the iPhone/iPod Touch makes me very happy.

I have stated before that the old first person shooter called Rise of the Triad is one of my favorite first person shooters. It runs off of an enhanced version of the engine Wolfenstein 3D used, and unfortunately this game suffered from being released just at the WRONG time back in the day. And therefore, DooM ultimately killed it.

But regardless, the full version of this game is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch which means I can bask in the fast paced pixelly awesomeness  of this shooter whenever the hell I want.

At least, later this year anyway. It's set to release in "early 2010" and includes everything the original game has.

All I've gotta say is hell yeah. And here's a gameplay video.

via TouchArcade