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Tweet Defense – My current little iPod obsession.

1262705502media_screen1 Justin and I talked about this game a little bit on episode 2 of the podcast, so I thought I’d elaborate a little bit more on here … even though all I’ve really played is the endless mode. When Justin says something along the lines of that he hasn’t gotten as far as I have, it was because I sent him a screenshot of round 167 I think it was.

Tweet Defense, as you may have guessed, is a tower defense game. Zombies come from one end of the screen and you have to keep them from reaching the other end and eating what brains you have available. You place towers of various kinds along the path (thankfully, there IS a path and it’s not one of those ridiculous sandbox style tower defense games) that shoot at, slow down or help other towers along the way. While it does have the cartoony art style, there is blood so it probably isn’t the best thing for young kids.

1262705815media_screen3 But the gameplay for this is very approachable and easy to understand, the money from killing the zombies comes at a steady pace. Not too much and not too little. The towers can be upgraded and whatnot. Pretty typical as far as tower defense games go. But the art style is great, the zombies are plentiful and look good. The sound is great, and while the music is good it tends to get a bit repetitive because it plays the same damn loop over and over again.

But the draw to this game is that you can attach it to your twitter account. So the number of followers you have, the number of people following you, and certain people you’re following will have an effect on the game as far as range, damage, tower cost and things like that. And the game will suggest people for you to follow to GET those boosts.

Now reading that, some people will think that the game isn’t playable unless you have a twitter account. Not so, because I played through a good 80 or 90 rounds of the endless mode without even bothering with the twitter capability and did just fine. And Justin’s been playing it just fine and he doesn’t even give a shit about Twitter.  I’m just relaying my current experiences with the game so far, this (obviously) isn’t a review of any kind because I just haven’t played enough of it to have a real opinion.

1262706471media_screen4But so far what I’ve played I absolutely love. I have found a couple of problems, which will probably eventually be addressed in future updates. While I don’t have an iPhone, I do have Meebo set up to send push messages when I get them and when I slid out of the game to answer it and went back, the zombies were walking the other way upon entering the stage. Which meant they all met their death without even making it onto the playfield. Now, I exited the game and went back and they acted just fine.

And … I’m on round 170 of the endless mode right now and they just stopped coming entirely. So I’m kind of a stalemate. And the zombies that have come out in the past 80 or 90 round haven’t stood a chance against what I’ve got out at the ENTRANCE to the stage. So it doesn’t seem like they get tougher as the game goes on.

But despite those problems, it’s definitely worth the 3 bucks to snag it. While games like GeoDefense are probably better, this is much more approachable to average players like myself. Search it up on the App Store and give it a try if you like those types of games. My personal opinion of the genre overall is that they work MUCH better on a portable device then on a computer or a desktop anyway, so it’s a must get. And for you iPad people, there’s an iPad version as well. Unfortunately, it’s separate. Can’t win ‘em all.

And my Twitter handle is Dhalamar if you want to follow me and help me do better. ;) Alternatively, you can follow the site at WastedSeconds and search Facebook for Wasted Seconds to follow the site there. And of course, there’s a brand spanking new podcast that is also on iTunes. There may only be 2 actual episodes, but content-wise there’s technically 5. :P

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