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It Came from Netflix - Deadgirl

DeadGirlI'm all the time going through the Netflix Instant Watch on the Xbox 360 for stuff to watch, I probably have a queue that's the better part of a hundred movies.  I originally saw the boxart to this (which is a little different than what's shown) and thought "Ok, maybe it'll be a Ju-on style movie ..." because I love those movies. I couldn't have been more wrong, though that isn't a bad thing.

At it's most basic it's a zombie movie with just one zombie. A couple of troubled kids go into an abandoned mental asylum to get drunk, and find a door that's rusted shut. They force it open to find the body of a nude woman lying shackled to a gurney covered in plastic. One of them reaches out to poke it and she breathes. Which naturally freaks them out. The slightly more well adjusted kid just wants to either save her or just get the hell out ... whichever comes first. The other one has something slightly more interesting in mind. He figures "She's there, she's not going anywhere. I'm gonna have my fun." And the whole movie goes off that because he decides to keep her down there as a fuck toy.


The kid who decides to keep the woman for himself, named J.T. finds out rather quickly that this woman is more than likely not really human. Because he gets pissed off at her and kills her numerous times throughout the night. Actively talks about hearing her neck break after she starts freaking out on him trying to bite him. The kid that originally wanted to save her has decided to try to wash his hands of the entire situation after finding out his lifelong friend is just a sadistic prick (who's name is Rickie by the way) gets sent back to that little room to find the woman still lying there. J.T. flat out shoots her dead to prove that she can't die.

Then throughout the movie it's J.T. being rather sadistic keeping her tied there (because if they don't she'll attack and kill someone). Both of the main characters of the movie are pretty troubled kids, just one of them is more human in the end than the other and is constantly either eying a girl he went out with when he was much younger, feeling terrible for the "woman" that J.T. is constantly raping and pimping out to other people for a price, or a little bit of both. And that's where the movie is actually pretty good, finding the decisions that these kids make and learning about them. The "dead girl" is obviously a character, and one would think because she's nude throughout the entire movie that would be a good thing ... but she's not exactly in the best shape and just has that thousand yard stare that can go from 0 to animalistic without warning.


There are other characters in the movie as well. A stoner named Wheeler who takes up J.T. offer of having someone to fuck anytime he wants. And the girl that Rickie is constantly eying, a gorgeous redhead named JoAnn who's dating a piece of shit jock who couldn't care less about her. And she gets involved with the dead girl as well, though not by choice. J.T. finds out that when the girl bites someone, it has rather drastic effects. It killed JoAnn's retarded jock boyfriend when he attempted to orally rape her ... she bit his dick which lead to him smelling like her at first (described as dead meat in the movie) and finally killing him in a rather gruesome and horribly bloody display ... but it was satisfying to say the least because the son of a bitch deserved it.

J.T. figures out that they can get another woman down there to keep tied down for the same purposes ... so they go out hunting. They find a rather large and unattractive woman, lure her over to the car where they attempt to bludgeon her with a tire iron. She barely even blinks then proceeds to beat the hell out of both of them. Which is probably the funniest scene in the whole movie. Then JoAnn comes up beating on their car wondering what they did to her boyfriend. And that's how she gets sucked into it. They plan on having the dead girl bite her so they can keep her around down there. And then Rickie learns what happens to the girl he loves and you can guess what happens then. But there's actually an unlikely helper.


I'm leaving out a lot here because if you like horror movies and you don't mind seriously depraved behavior that is very well written and acted then check this out. I thought it was going to be terrible ... but I'm actually kind of surprised at how much I liked it. Even the dead girl shows a human side which actually kind of surprised me. It really goes into how a troubled kid MIGHT think in a situation, because there's definitely some decisions made that make these kids even less human than the "woman" they're torturing for their own amusement and gratification. There were a few unexplained things, and the ending actually kind of disappointed me on a lot of levels (though it's not disappointing in itself). But it just depends on how look at it I suppose. It's definitely one of the better horror movies I've seen in a while.

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  1. This movie…was effing disgusting…who in there right mind would even think of making a movie out of this???

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