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First footage of Matt Hazzard : Blood Bath & Beyond for XBLA and PSN

I actually like the first game that came out on the 360 called Eat Lead (even though the sniper parts of the game are infuriating and there’s some weird issues with the control). But I love the overall story and the made up back story for the character. So I can’t wait to play this. The sense of humor behind the two games are great and one of the reasons I put up with the crap sniper levels in Eat Lead.


Old arcade games I’d like to see on XBLA

This isn't a very REALISTIC list mind you, but these are some games (or good clones) I would LOVE to see arrive on Xbox Live Arcade. And you could count the Wii's Virtual Console and PSN as well I suppose. :) And they aren't in any particular order. All the images are courtesy of KLOV.


First Impression of “Zombie Apocalypse” for the 360

cboxzombieapocalypseAwesome dual stick shooter. Killing thousands upon thousand of zombies in an arena style shooter just never gets old. I haven't made it all that far yet (I think I've gotten to the 5th day) ... but it's just a pretty basic run of the mill dual stick shooter. Except that you have a chain saw, environmental kills that are pretty damned satisfying, zombie bait that when used is hilarious. And there are various people to save. But if you don't save them they turn into zombies themselves. And if you're wanting a comment on the achievements, you're looking at the wrong guy because I could care less about them.

The big problem I've found is that my 360 has frozen up 4 times in less than half an hour of playing the game. Now ... it could be that my Xbox is dying ... but NO OTHER GAME has caused it to do this. And I've been playing a LOT of indie games on it lately as well as some retail titles like Ghostbusters, Left 4 Dead and Stranglehold with no problems. So I wonder what the deal is.

*UPDATE* For those of you who find this late, yes in fact it WAS my insanely flaky 360 because the problems I described above worsened over time. After getting a new system and talking to the guy at Nihilistic who was very patient and helpful, the game runs beautifully and is a friggin' BLAST to play. So yeah ... my old 360 is retired and I'm probably going to smash the hell out of it and bury it.


The Xbox Live Indie Game Sol Survivor is here, but …


The game looks damned impressive, even though I wasn't really feelin' the trial. But that's mostly because I'm new to tower defense games PERIOD and the Indie Games are unfortunately limited to 8 minutes.

The game came out, obviously, and obviously I downloaded the trial. Unfortunately ... there are a few marks against it, which have nothing to do with the game itself. It's a victim of unfortunate timing since Defense Grid came out on XBLA recently ... everyone and their mother who's into these games has heard of Defense Grid and has probably been salivating over the impending XBLA release, which is from what I understand cheaper than it's PC counterpart that's been out for at least a year. And ... who's really heard of Sol Survivor?

It's also 800 points. The exact same price as Defense Grid. So at that price point it's in DIRECT competition with it. And the trial for Defense Grid, though limited, can be played as long as you want within those limits. Sol Survivor is, unfortunately, locked down with that 8 minute trial time limit.

I was really looking forward to it, and had it been 400 points, even with me not really feelin' the trial due to my "newness" I was going to snag it anyway. Because 8 minutes is definitely not enough time to really get the feel for a game like this. But at 800 points it's a tough sell. Especially since I haven't even finished Defense Grid yet.

And for people who don't have Defense Grid ... they're going to see two 800 point 3D AAA tower defense games with a hell of a lot of production value and tons of polish ... but more than likely they're going to be put off by the 800 point entry fee (like me) of Sol Survivor, or they're going to go with Defense Grid that has a proven record instead of the brand new Indie Game.


The ultimate video game documentary of the 80′s coming to the Wii


Check out these ESRB ratings :

Platform : Wii

Rating : Teen

Content descriptors : Animated Blood, Mild Suggestive Themes, Mild Violence

Rating summary: This is a collection of classic arcade games covering several genres. Games include Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, Burger Time, Caveman Ninja, Street Slam, Secret Agent, and many others. Some games involve side-scrolling fighting action against dozens of enemy thugs, ninjas, and creatures. Characters occasionally use knives, guns, throwing stars, or grenades in the 2D-style combat. A few games depict brief splashes of blood when enemies get hit; one game depicts a shark that emits red blood when it gets harpooned. The suggestive material represents the strongest pertinent content in the game: A puzzle game called Magical Drop III depicts female characters wearing provocative outfits that expose underwear and deep cleavage. When players score points or make successful combos, the background figures cheer or move in ways that cause their breasts to jiggle.

This implies that the arcade version of Bad Dudes is coming to the Wii. And I will be buying it. BOOYAH.


Bad Dudes for the NES


Bad Dudes is not a videogame. It’s a documentary. About the eighties. And it was filmed in real time. And they need to bring this documentary to Xbox Live Arcade.


Vigilante Arcade Remake


Given the fact that I love the recent unofficial Kung Fu sequel adding this particular remake was a no brainer. This game was released in 1988 and is sort of a spiritual sequel to the original Kung Fu Masters arcade game (simply called Kung Fu on the NES) with better graphics, better sound and faster gameplay. And this remake manages to keep all that while fixing a few of the bugs, keeping some in because a lot of the time bugs in these old games are interesting and adding weapons (the original only had one).


Xbox Live Arcade Review - Shadow Complex

cboxshadowncomplexI downloaded this game at launch, and played a little at a time until I beat it.


Xbox Live Arcade Review - Dash of Destruction


Want some gamer points?


Renegade for DOS - What the hell were they thinking?


This port is an abomination to everything that is good. The Renegade arcade game by itself wasn't very good, but at least it was playable. The arcade version came out in either 1986 by Taito, and the PC version came out in '88 coded by a company called Software Creations.